10 Things that Bona fide Nigerian Companies Look For When Recruiting Employees

Being able to work in a large and bona fide Company in Nigeria certainly boast. When someone asks where you work, you will confidently explain it. There are many positive values ​​that are obtained when accepted to work in a bona fide company.

However, it certainly won’t be easy to work in a Nigerian bona fide company. There will be many selection processes that must be carried out. Besides that, there must be many other people who share your interests. This means that it takes struggle and hard work to get through the various selection processes.

Well, to ease the way, you must know in advance what are the things that a Nigerian bona fide company is looking for. Here’s the review.

  1. Long-term potential

The process of getting in and out of employees too often is not something the company likes. Especially if they have invested in training new employees. Therefore, the company will definitely look for prospective employees who have the potential to work with them for a long time.

HRD will see candidates working anywhere and for how long in each company. This is an indicator that they often use to assess if candidates have the potential to last a long time or even become a fleas.

A number of additional certificates in addition to the diploma will be a clue about the candidate’s interest in the fields needed by the company. So that they can see that candidates do have the potential to survive in the long run.

  1. Ability to produce results

The thing that other Nigerian bona fide companies look for is the matter of the candidate’s ability to support the program or plan of the company. They will usually ask about your previous job. Even often requested in detail.

If you do have good track records in supporting the business strategy of the company before, you have the potential to be accepted in the company that is being proposed. Because this will make them believe that you will also be able to support the company’s performance in order to achieve the targets that have been announced.

  1. Enthusiasm and passion

This point is very important if you want to work in a Nigerian bona fide company. As reviewed in the first point, bona fide companies will look for prospective employees who can work in the long term. Well, candidates who have a great passion for their work have the potential to last a long time.

Those who have a great sense of love and passion with the field of work pursued that will be sought bona fide companies. Those who have a big passion with their work will not be too concerned about the amount of salary, although it is still important too. In other words, they only seek pleasure while working.

  1. Use his skills to act

It’s not unusual for you to be asked to do a number of tasks or work tests when applying to a Nigerian bona fide company. This is done to see further about the skills or abilities of the employee candidates. The company will definitely look for those who have high motivation and are active in carrying out their duties.

Companies will look for candidates who have the ability to solve problems with the abilities they have. Every action taken is always based on the skills or abilities they have. If you have this ability, you have the potential to be accepted to work in the company you are applying for.

  1. Suitable for the company’s work environment

How much ability and skill you have, but when judged to be incompatible with the company’s work environment, the potential for acceptance will decrease. Because one of the things that a Nigerian bona fide company is looking for is the level of suitability of prospective employees with their place of work.

There are two things that are considered by the company when looking for prospective employees. First, candidates must match the position that suits their abilities. Second, it matches the values ​​or culture within the company.

Because employees who feel they will be successful in their position and can be integrated with the work environment will have a long lasting chance. So that the company can maximize the potential of the employee.

  1. Team workers

When working, there will certainly be many situations that make every employee must work together in completing their tasks. In fact, when you do the majority of your work individually, there will definitely be a time to work with other parties from different departments.

The company will always look for candidates who can work as a team . Usually there are tests where each candidate must complete the task together. So that later can be known which candidates can work in a team or are only able to work individually.

  1. Ambition of candidates

Every bona fide company will definitely look for prospective employees who can motivate themselves to achieve what is their duty. Even able to exceed what was targeted.

Employees who have ambitions tend to work hard and maximize their best ability to complete their tasks. They often even look for more efficient ways but are able to give the best results.

So, candidates who have big ambitions are more likely to be accepted than those who are confused when asked about ambitions at work. Make sure you are indeed holding big ambitions in the field of work involved.

  1. Give positive influence to others

An employee no longer only becomes himself when he has joined a company. Each other will influence each other. Both positive and negative.

Of course, the things that bona fide companies look for are prospective employees who can have a positive influence on other employees. Among them are those who are able to give appreciation to other employees when they get achievements or awards from the company.

When an employee is able to achieve achievements and want to share the same enthusiasm with other employees, the company will have a positive impact. All employees become more enthusiastic about working and competing healthily to get the best results.

  1. Responsiveness

The ability of a candidate in social interaction is also one thing that is often a company consideration. Especially bona fide companies. How employees respond to the pressures of work with their social relations cannot be underestimated.

Those who are easier to say ‘thank you’ when getting help from fellow employees have a big impact on the social environment of the office. So that the harmony of employees can be maintained.

When employees get along well and have a great sense of family, they will be able to work optimally. The result will of course be enjoyed by the company as the party who works them.

  1. First impression

Never forget the first impression captured by job recruiters or interviewers. The positive impression that a company gets when you first meet you will be a value that continues to stick to you.

Make sure you wear appropriate clothing and arrive on time. Candidates who are late in the interview session will immediately get a minus value from the company.

So, if you want to work in a Nigerian bona fide company, make yourself fit first. If it is appropriate, the way to be accepted will certainly be easier.


It could be that there are many things that bona fide companies look for that have not been revealed in this article. However, at least it can provide an illustration for those of you who want to appear confident when asked where you work.

But remember, what you have achieved will still have to be maintained with great commitment. Or you will only ride through the company and can no longer be proud of yourself.

Updated: January 1, 2019 — 1:14 pm

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