11 Steps to Apply for Job Online

Before you start applying for Job online, it is important for you to prepare your job application letter first and collect the information you need.

In order to apply for jobs online and fill job applications, you need an e-mail account, internet access, the latest CV, cover letter (if requested), curriculum vitae and your blank schedule in case you apply for part-time work.

The following are the steps on how to apply for work online, which you need to know.

  1. Prepare your CV

Before you start looking for jobs and fill jobs online, you must prepare your latest CV. For some job openings, companies usually ask you to include a cover letter.

Make sure your CV contains your personal data along with the number you can contact, and also your work experience. Save your CV with yournameCV.doc, not with a common name like CV.doc. This is useful so that HRD can easily remember you when you are reviewing the incoming CV. Also prepare a cover letter that you can use and change easily for each type of work that you are applying for.

Some sites allow you to upload CVs from Microsoft Word directly on your computer. Some others require you to  copy paste into an online form that has been provided by each site.

  1. Prepare your Work Experience Data

Don’t forget to prepare information on your work experience. Online job vacancies generally want the same data as conventional job openings, namely your personal and address data, educational background, and work experience. In this work experience, you usually also have to include a position, period (the beginning starts until finally stopping work), also the salary of each position (if needed).

  1. Learn the Example of a Good and Right CV Format

You can use the sample CV format in Job-like as a reference. Use examples of good and correct CVs as a guide when you want to fill out job forms online.

  1. Look for Jobs Online

There are many methods for finding work online. Among them you can use a complete work portal like Job-like . By using Job-like, you can search all jobs in one container, so you don’t have to bother visiting the official website one by one.

Do a search using the keywords that you have created and you will find jobs that match your specifications quickly. When you click on the job, you will get information about how to apply, or be directed to a site that opens the job.

  1. List of Jobs Directly on the Official Site

The company’s official website can be a good source of job information, especially if you already know what you want to apply for. Large companies generally have an online job application page on their official website. If possible, apply for jobs online directly on the company’s official website.

  1. When can you start working?

Think about this carefully before submitting your job application. Especially when you apply for a part-time job, you need to know what day and what time you are able to work. Know your schedule before entering your job application.

  1. Keywords when looking for work

When searching for a job that matches your qualifications, use job keywords in the field you want. Entering keywords can be more effective than using job recommendation options that have been provided on the work portal website.

Make a list of job keywords that suit your interests, the work location you want, job position, industry, and so on.

  1. Follow Job Vacancies Instructions

It is important for you to follow the instructions contained in online job information. Chances are you will be asked to fill out a profile, upload a CV and cover letter, and take an online test.

Regardless of how you apply, you must pay attention to the instructions given by the company in each job. Make sure you have prepared all the requirements that are requested and reread your CV before you send it.

  1. Follow-Up Your Job Application Development

It’s quite difficult to follow-up the development of online job applications. But if you have insiders inside the company, they can help you so that your application is looked at by HRD.

Don’t just sit there waiting for a response from the company. You can start checking your LinkedIn account. Who knows, one of the employees in the company is your old friend.

  1. Applying for Job via Email

In addition to the job portal, you can also submit a job application via email. Generally, small companies still use this system. Learn also how to make a job application letter via email .

  1. Find Out Company Salary Reference

After you have prepared your CV and applied for an online job, it is time for you to find out the standard salary for the position you are applying for. This is so that when you face a job interview and are asked about the desired salary, you already know what the salary range is worth for the position. To find out the company’s salary, you can use the Job-like site as a reference .

Those are the 11 steps for applying for jobs online. Make sure you have prepared everything well.

Updated: August 8, 2018 — 1:05 pm

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