12 Tips and Tricks to Learn to Write English Articles

Can you write English today? What does the world say? Maybe you have heard a number of chants like that. No need to worry if you feel one of the many people who cannot write articles in English. If only writing one or two words is very easy, then what if you have to write English in one to tens of paragraphs? Of course it requires expertise in vocabulary, grammar, placement of punctuation marks and so on. Especially if your writing will be read by many people, surely you will think hard how to make a text that is comfortable to read

Some communities have begun to need English writing skills, for example students and lecturers. In the scientific world or education, it is not uncommon for us to be required to write essays or journals in English. The only way we have writing skills is to learn. Learning to write English does not only involve the ability to write physically, but an understanding of all existing English language material. Even English writing and spoken English can be different, well, by learning, practicing, and continuing to broaden your horizons you will certainly be good at writing English. Okay, to help my readers who want to learn writing, here we describe 12 Tips and Tricks for Writing English Language. Take a look at this

  1. Start Writing

The first thing in the learning process is to foster intention and courage. Even though it was wrong at first, but over time it will definitely be good! How can we be good at writing if we don’t start writing? So, start writing right now!

  1. Read as much as possible

Every writer is reader first. Agree right, if all the early recipients were readers. Because by reading, you will know all the patterns, grammar, even common mistakes in writing.

  1. Take the Notebook everywhere

To make a writing, certainly requires an idea. Make sure you bring a notebook, recorder or smartphone everywhere. And every time you see an interesting event, don’t hesitate to record it.

  1. Friendly with Dictionary

A dictionary is a mandatory default when you write! Without an armless warring dictionary. In fact, even professional translators still need dictionaries to re-check the translation.

  1. Sensitive to the Environment

Take a walk while holding a smartphone? Yes, but it will be more useful if you look to the right and left around you. Because there could be inspiration there to write.

  1. Grammar

What’s wrong with grammar? Is grammar as difficult as imagined? Of course not. Grammar will be difficult at first and if it’s not used, but if you keep writing using grammar, it’s guaranteed that it will automatically use grammar correctly like native speakers.

  1. Stop the disturbance!

Again learning to write a cellphone suddenly, or there is a good TV program, and on the laptop Facebook notification appears. CLOSE all procrastinators when learning to write to focus, and writing is finished quickly.

  1. Join the English Writing Community

There is no harm in following the English writing community. That way, you will be motivated to continue learning because many people encourage and correct each other.

  1. Prepare a Special Room for Writing

Inspiration and focus on learning will usually emerge from rooms that are berish, neat and pleasant to see. So, make sure your room is worthy to start writing. Or, if possible you can create a special room for learning and reading.

  1. Write Every Day

Commitment is the hardest thing to do. However, if you are committed and continually write in English, it’s guaranteed! Can quickly be good at writing english. You can write anything in one day. Either the blog, status, diary, and so on.

  1. Make a blog

Who doesn’t know about blogs today? Blogs are an excellent writing tool. Through a blog, your writing is saved automatically without knowing the memory of the laptop. In fact, we can write on blogs via smartphones. Simple yet useful. Blogs also allow your writing to be read by many people so that they can correct or enjoy your writing.

  1. Start with Failure

In this world, nothing is successful in one work. Even the inventor of the light bulb, the computer, the inventor of advanced formulas all need experimentation. So, let yourself start writing badly, boring or disconnected stories, wrong grammar and so on, because with practice it will make our writing more perfect.

Updated: August 8, 2018 — 1:29 pm

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