14 Important Skills for Fresh Graduate to Get a Job Fast

Today we will talk about 14 skills for fresh graduates that you need to know.

Being a fresh graduate does need patience to get a job. Because the majority of companies will look for prospective employees who already have experience.

Meanwhile, fresh graduates can be said to have minimal experience. Understandably, they just graduated and just got a diploma from their place of education.

However, that doesn’t mean that fresh graduates don’t have a chance. The condition is, of course they have to equip themselves with a number of skills that can give them added value before the company they are applying for.

These skills are sometimes not tested directly. But it will be read from the psychotest or other supporting tests. When the skill is seen from the test results, the company will have a picture of the advantages of the fresh graduate.

Then, what skills should a fresh graduate have to get a job quickly? Here are 14 skills for fresh graduates that you need to know.

1. Initiative

When you apply for a job, what the company will consider is your consistency attitude. What you say is what you do. Including you can indeed be trusted to complete tasks that are given well.

This attitude of consistency is closely related to the initiative that must arise in you. When you undertake to work on a task, your initiative will automatically arise to motivate yourself to complete the task properly. Get new ideas that can be used for your good and company progress.

2. Commitment
Another consideration for a fresh graduate to be accepted as an employee of a company is to have a commitment. The company certainly wants employees who have high commitment.

An employee who is willing and able to provide the best time and dedication that is beneficial for the company’s progress.

Employees who are not committed to their duties are certainly considered not serious about working and only detrimental to the company . If this is seen from the initial interview, it will certainly reduce the opportunity to work for the proposed company.

Therefore, emphasize from the beginning that you have a great commitment to grow and develop with the company.

3. Flexibility
In the world of work, you will face a variety of conditions and situations that are not always pleasant, which you cannot avoid.

You will meet various kinds of characters, which of course require different treatment. This is where you need flexibility in yourself.

Flexibility will help to deal with a problem in work and solve it well. It also includes ways that you use to deal with different characters of your boss, client, or co-worker.

Are you a person who has flexibility? If you haven’t started practicing from now on.

4. Time Management

Fresh graduate skills that must be possessed are about time management . This will be seen when you are called for a job interview.

How you manage the time before the interview is an important point that will be considered by the HRD. It’s too late to come to the interview, it shows that you can’t manage your time well.

This skill will be important because the company will see if you are a person who is disciplined about time, how to set work priorities, and can you complete the work on time. So the company believes their business will grow with your presence.

5. Troubleshooting

Associated with problems that may arise in work and in relationships with superiors, clients, or colleagues, you are required to have problem-solving skills.

Must be prepared to face the risks and consequences arising from a problem while trying to solve problems professionally.

In addition to making you more character and create a professional impression, problem solving skills will increase your value as an employee.

Of course the company will appreciate your diligence and responsibility in solving the problems.

6. Leadership

Having leadership skills will be an added value for you. If when your school is active in organizing and often occupying positions as chairman, the company will consider accepting those of you who have the potential to become leaders or managers in the future .

Having the ability as a leader is a skill for fresh graduates which is often a company consideration. This shows that you can motivate yourself and be able to make important decisions that are best for the company.

So, always convey your experience when leading organizations in school and in other organizations as your own value.

7. Operating the Computer

Technological advances that are increasingly developing require you to be able to keep up with the times, especially the ability to use computers.

Basic computer programs are now part of the education curriculum, graduates are expected to have mastered the basics of Microsoft such as Word, Excel, and Powerpoint.

Almost all companies provide ‘skilled use of computers’ for job applicants. You must have the ability to operate a computer if you do not want to be eliminated from employment at this time.

8. Write

Another ability that can add to your value is the ability to write and communicate. The cover letter that you make can show how well you are writing.

The more interesting you tell about yourself, the job seekers will look for you.

However, when you arrive at the job interview, your communication skills will be seen. Good communication skills are the main things needed in the business world because this will show your effort and hard work in conveying business ideas and thoughts professionally.

9. Work independently

Show that you are able to work independently well without supervision. Karen this will always be demanded by many companies. Because it is impossible to expect your boss will always be there to help.

Like when doing your own college assignments without anyone’s help and can be done well and on time, that’s how the company expects its employees to work.

Similarly, when you face problems at work. As far as possible you can find your own way out in solving a problem. This independence will be seen during interviews and other tests.

10. Teamwork

In the world of work, you will meet with colleagues who are different in character, perspective, and thinking with you. Not just one, but in a team.

Therefore the company will demand that you have the ability to be able to work with all colleagues .

The ability to cooperate well, you must have in the world of work. If you don’t have the ability to work with other people, you can have difficulty completing work that requires certain skills, which turns out to be owned by your teammates.

11. Speak English

Facing the current global competition, the skill for fresh graduates that you must have is to communicate well in English . Both oral and written. Because you will meet various kinds of people from various countries.

The only way to communicate with people from other countries is certainly to use International language, English. No wonder if you must see a lot of the TOEFL value requirements requested for job applicants.

So, immediately improve your English skills to achieve your dream job.

12. Presentation

Having ideas, input, and suggestions for the development of a company’s business is certainly needed. However, how can you convey the right target if you don’t have the ability to present these ideas well?

Therefore the ability to deliver a presentation will add value when the company considers hiring you.

A good presentation, neatly arranged, attractive, and has a selling value will certainly be favored compared to a boring presentation. Especially when you apply for a job in the company’s marketing department. For many companies, this presentation ability will always be tested.

13. Work under pressure

All companies must set targets that must be achieved by their employees. This target will cause pressure to work.

Therefore an employee is required to be able to work under pressure. Especially when he has to be able to achieve the targets set by the company, both individual targets and team targets. Not infrequently to achieve the target must be overtime and sacrifice personal time.

For those of you who are not accustomed to working under pressure, the target will certainly be frustrated and stressed, then fall ill. This of course will reduce your work performance.

14. Creative

Ideas and creativity are expensive. And every company always wants creative and innovative prospective employees. So, show that you are a creative and innovative person during a job interview.

Get info through the company’s website, corporate social media accounts, or news about the company concerned as a material to get creative ideas.

HRD will certainly see you as a person who can help companies develop and think for the progress of the company with the latest ideas that are more creative.


The majority of the skills for fresh graduates we review are not studied in college. You can get it automatically. Especially when active in campus organizations.

Therefore, do not be too fixated with a high GPA. Also accompany these high scores with skills that you can only learn outside of class.

Updated: September 12, 2018 — 12:46 pm

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