15 Fresh Graduate Mistakes During the First Job Interview

Most people just think of making a good job application letter without being balanced with insight into mistakes during a job interview. They have not prepared supplies to deal with prospective employers when the interview arrives.

No wonder they often make mistakes during interviews. Have as much info as possible regarding the position you are looking for. So you don’t make a fatal mistake during a job interview.

To avoid mistakes during a job interview, identify the company you are working for. In anticipation if company policy is used as a discussion in every job interview question .

The possibility of mistakes during an interview that is a frightening specter, especially for fresh graduates who do not have enough experience. Not to mention with many competitors, do anything that can prevent mistakes during interviews as early as possible.

As additional information, here are some fatal things that are often done by fresh graduate job applicants.

1. Come too late

Come on time to prevent early mistakes during the interview, from here they will observe your responsibilities. You better wait than wait.

Coming on time will benefit you. The most frequent mistakes in interviews are coming late, and making them upset with you.

 2. Busy with mobile / gadget

Do not operate the cellphone during the interview. Why? This error indicates that you do not have a sense of courtesy in front of someone who in fact must respect you.

Don’t do this if you want to enter the interview selection and don’t make a mistake.

3. Be careful with the way you shake hands

The mistake during a job interview is the way to shake hands. You may not be sure that they can know your character from the way you shake hands.

Do not even shake hands with no power and lack of enthusiasm. Mistakes during this interview will embarrass yourself. You can also show enthusiasm from a cheerful and full smile with respect. Guaranteed, the initial mistake of this interview will be far from you.

4. Take care of your appearance

In the interview, you also need to touch your appearance. The clothes or fashion items that you use reflect your personality. Make sure you don’t make a mistake during a job interview by wearing clothes as you wish.

Dress with a suit, shirt, and shoes that characterize formal style can be relied upon. A good looking appearance makes you free from fatal mistakes during interviews. If you are the type of person who is not good at dressing, magazine references, social media, or the internet you can use it. Apply make up that is natural and not excessive.

Especially for interviews, you can read the simple tips and examples of women’s official clothes during interviews .

 5. Maintain a professional attitude

There are sessions where they will ask you to share personal experiences, hobbies, achievements or achievements, have worked or not, until things are closely related to you. The mistake during the interview in this session that is often done is too excited or making it up. Instead of being happy, they just feel like they can’t stand it.

Indirectly, the interviewer would have been able to guess which one was made up and which one was not. Express yourself as you are.

This mistake can make them unsure if you can hold a certain position.

 6. Feeling lack of confidence

Many smart people out there, but only a handful of those who have high confidence are confident . No wonder even though they are ready physically and mentally, mistakes during job interviews that are often done are failing to focus and break concentration. Don’t be shy or low in front of the interviewer. Show that you are more entitled and better than thousands of your competitors who are both struggling.

Remember, they need people who can be trusted to hold the company. What if you don’t believe in yourself? Be calm so you can avoid mistakes during this interview.

7. But don’t over confidence, well, natural is better

Having confidence that you can is very important, but do not let you make the person who is interviewing you confused because you are too big head. The first impression that is visible is you arrogant person

Mistakes during this interview are often held by prospective applicants. Though it should be shunned, especially just because you have acquaintances. Try to be reasonable when this stage takes place. Avoid these mistakes when the interview takes place.

8. Avoid answers with cliché, creative but still realistic

A series of questions have been prepared to test whether you really are worthy or not accepted as an employee. This question will be tested by the examiner one by one. And your job is to answer it as well as possible so that you pass the selection.

Mistakes during interviews that seem to be entrenched are giving answers to cliché interview questions. For those of you who have just graduated or are fresh graduates, try to find answers that are relevant but still realistic.

9. There are drinks or food, do not rush to eat, wait for the interview to finish

Many companies in big cities deliberately serve delicious snacks and drinks for people who are undergoing an interview test. In addition to a sense of responsibility, this could be a trick that is done as a deceiver.

Mistakes during interviews that are often practiced are those who do not understand they will eat food even though the interview session is not finished. Wait until you finish the interview.

Mistakes during this interview prove that you are lacking in social relations because you do not know the procedures and good manners of behavior.

10. Don’t ask salary, if not asked, especially if you are a Fresh Graduate

This is a mistake during a job interview that can be called at the top ratting. This negligence actually illustrates that you are a person who only leads to money, not prioritizing loyalty and professionalism when working with their company.

Stay away from mistakes during interviews by asking the nominal you will get each month. You hold that desire first until the interviewer makes it happen.

11. Don’t ask for leave during job interviews

Actually you don’t need to worry because they will also give leave with a certain period of time. If you want to talk about a schedule or leave you should not during the interview.

make sure you are received first in the job.

Mistakes when this interview shows that you are selfish. So again you need to be vigilant. Because even the smallest mistake when the interview that you do will have an impact on the opportunity given by the company to accept or reject you.

12. Avoid being arrogant

If you want to attract the attention of the interviewer, then you should not brag. Make sure you stay humble. Rest assured that there is still a sky above the sky. That is, you cannot be too arrogant and admit that you are the only best person who has ever been and must be accepted in this office.

They are far more experienced, know more about the situation and understand the situation. While you are a fresh graduate who comes to ask for a job. Naturally you must understand the mistakes during the interview that must be shunned and anticipated as quickly as possible.

Consult with your person or relatives who are experienced in interviews so that you can avoid mistakes during job interviews.

13. Get to know the company you are applying for

The mandatory conditions that you must pay off before the interview deadline is to understand as many things as possible that include the company where you applied for the job. Learn the rules, such as the year of standing, as well as in the area of ​​whether the company is moving.

Mistakes during an interview such as not knowing this will have a negative impact on your fate.

So is the part you are applying for. What duties, authorities and obligations must be fulfilled. Because this is included in the material that will be asked by the interviewer. So at least you know the questions you will receive and answers that can be given so that there will be no mistakes during the interview.

14. Failure to answer questions about advantages and disadvantages

Not succeeding in describing what is a plus and a weakness may make you too confident or vice versa.

The mistake of answering this question during the interview actually makes your boss less confident and will rethink to accept you as an employee.

To minimize this error during an interview, you must tell your boss about yourself by showing things you can trust. Indirectly you have given a reason why he must choose you to hold an important position in the company you are applying for.

In addition to these questions, be careful about the interview trap , which the interviewer might ask.

15. Please, don’t complain and discredit other people in this session

Remember, a job interview is not a place to confide in a complaint, or a place to disparage others, don’t make this mistake, remember.

What is clear is no benefit, you will also get a bad assessment from the interviewer because of your attitude that likes to vent and take care of the lives of others that are not too important and will not affect your work.

This mistake can fail the interview success. And you might be crossed out and on the black list of the company you are looking for. So, be alert and keep calm. Superior the potential that is stored in you. With diligence and intentions, nothing is impossible.

That is a mistake during a job interview that is often done fresh graduate . Hopefully it can be useful.

Updated: September 19, 2018 — 12:44 pm

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