20 Most Popular Jobs for College Graduates in Nigeria

The fresh graduates also have very high enthusiasm to apply for jobs to various dream companies. So, what are the most popular jobs for college graduates in Nigeria?

popular jobs for college graduate


Until now, civil servants are still the most popular job. The reason is, this work is also considered as a ‘safe’ job and is guaranteed by his old age.

BUMN employees

Not much different, fresh graduates also flocked to recruitment of BUMN employees. Compared to civil servants, the income of BUMN employees is relatively larger.


One of the reasons for the increasing number of S1 graduates who continue their studies is because they want to become lecturers. This opportunity is also wide open, both for lecturers in state and private universities.


Just like lecturers, the opportunity to become a teacher in Nigeriais still very large, especially in remote and remote areas. In addition, although they are not civil servants, permanent teachers also still have the opportunity to participate in the certification.

Bank employees

Not only economic graduates who can become bank employees. Some of the reasons for the high level of work interest in this sector are partly due to the high salary, a fast career, even just to wait for other recruitment.

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Not only in Nigeria, the accounting profession is also the most popular job among fresh graduates abroad. For economic graduates, being an accountant is a job that has its own pride.


Being a programmer is now also the dream of many young people. Seeing modernity that is increasingly familiar with the digital world, which companies do not need this profession?

Data Analyst

Still related to the digital world, the presence of data analysts is needed by the company. His job is to verify the collected data, then process it as needed.


In the digital and commercial creative world, the role of copywriters is increasingly in demand. The people involved in this work are tasked with making writing that can increase the attractiveness of products in the community.

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One of the most popular jobs that hasn’t changed since a long time ago is a doctor. You certainly already know, right?

Account Manager

In the world of business and marketing, account managers can be said to be representative of companies. His job is to maintain good relations with corporate customers and seek revenue for the company.

Graphic designer

Many work opportunities for graphic designers. Want to join the company or open your own business, everything can be done flexibly.


Prestigious positions among other fresh graduates are supervisors . His position is above the staff and under the manager.


Does not have to be a communication or journalistic graduate who can become a journalist. As long as it can produce good news and can be accounted for, anyone can become a journalist.

Youth Diploma

Who doesn’t want to go abroad even when working? Therefore, being a diploma is now increasingly popular.

Engineer in Telecommunications

Working in the world of telecommunications has its own pride. Because the world of telecommunications is the world’s most dynamic and futuristic movement today.

Public Relations

A PR is indeed synonymous with attractive appearance, broad insight, and friendliness. This is both fairness and demand because the task of public relations is to build good relationships between the company and society.

Tourism Staff

The number of tourist destinations in the archipelago increases the need for tourism. Starting from freelance to fulltime, this job is quite popular.


Generally, being a photographer is a hobby channel. Nevertheless, not a few people who become professional photographers and have a brilliant career.


The last most popular job is a freelancer . Writing, design, making applications, and even sales can be used as an alternative to freelancing .

Those are the 20 most popular jobs among fresh Nigeria graduates . For vacancies information and various tips about other worlds of work, make sure you are always connected with Nigeria Recruitment Form.

Updated: September 25, 2018 — 1:08 pm

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