3 New Professions that have recently appeared due to the Internet

With the rapid development of technology, especially the name of the internet is growing fast, then a new profession is slowly emerging. Of course the profession is in desperate need of the internet, yes … the name of the internet is the source of information. Then at least 3 new professions emerged which recently emerged because of the internet.

Not only three, actually there are still many new professions because of the internet. However, in this case the focus is on these 3 professions.

New Professions That Arise Because of the Internet

Without shortening the word, here are 3 new professions that have recently emerged because of the internet.

1. Social media strategist profession

This profession is so popular in the past three years and of course this profession is quite promising. Why? Because small and medium-sized companies need someone who is an expert in social media to market their products, or introduce their company.

What are the jobs of this social media strategist? Nothing else and is not related to social media. This profession must be expert in designing marketing strategies, creating content, and managing various corporate social media accounts in order to increase company traffic. Thus, the community is aware of the company and products so as to create a brand.

Oh yes, this profession requires good multitasking. Because this profession must think creatively and must be able to handle several corporate social media accounts.

2. Professional content marketing

This profession is needed by the company and quite promising. What does content marketing do? That is to make this type of content to improve marketing or brands such as: videos, infographics, web pages, books, etc. That is, content marketing is related to advertising.

And again, the content marketing profession is required to make the content desired by the customer, so that the content is more effective. Thus, the state of the internet is very helpful for content marketing.

3. Digital influencer profession

What are digital influencer? Briefly is someone who has social media, blogs, or YouTube whose container works. They have very many followers. Followers wait for their content updates.

With so many followers, automatic traffic is abundant. Thus, giving the company fresh air to market their products, to increase sales while increasing the brand.

These are the 3 new professions that have recently emerged because of the internet.

Updated: August 20, 2018 — 3:32 pm

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