3 Procedures for Writing Details of Job Descriptions

Each company will run according to their respective vision and mission. This foundation is applied in a structure that contains work specifications and expertise from each field. Similar techniques are also practiced in the procedures for writing job descriptions by HRD personnel .

Procedures for Writing Details of Job Descriptions

Referring to the big picture, structural planning greatly influences the reinforcement needed from a position / position. As the basic unit that builds the structure, this position / position is a strategic support that will ensure the achievement of company targets.

Contains a number of specific responsibilities, each position is a benchmark of individual performance assessment. In the practice of recruiting prospective workers, HRD personnel can refer to the 3 procedures for writing job descriptions as follows.

1. Visualize Ideal Candidate Criteria

To find good-looking candidates , of course you can’t use a look that is too old- fashioned and old-school . Instead, give a visual display that aligns with the criteria of your ideal candidate. Besides showing that you are serious and have a commitment to find the best candidates, an attractive visual display is also able to steal attention.

Don’t give up on the formality of your industry that seems rigid. By displaying fresh and modern visuals , your company can actually be a pioneer of a professional impression that is not rigid. If possible, also visualize your ideal candidate criteria by informing the quality you are looking for.

Perfect the modern appearance with persuasive and prospective copy details . If you want to arouse the curiosity of job seekers, just create text that makes them curious and encouraged to search your own company profile.

2. Explain Everything Important with Simple

A copy of an attractive job description does not have to be written excessively. Even if you intend to bring up a glimpse of the company’s achievements, try to make it remain relevant to the main purpose of writing, namely job descriptions.

Write and explain all important things related to detailed descriptions in a simple manner. Avoid using words that confuse job seekers, especially in explaining qualifications and work skills.

Add also an explanation of the type of position needed ( full-time or part-time ) as well as estimates of wages / benefits / benefits in each position sought. To prevent job seekers from being in a bad mood with explanations that are too long, you should use the point / numbering format .

3. Show the Tone of a Personal Company

Fresh and modern appearances in the selection of straightforward and simple copies does not mean forgetting company values. You still have an interest in showing the company’s professional face with a more personal tone but still formal.

A job seeker can be very easily attracted to the appearance of a philosophical and inspiring corporate culture. Make sure you don’t miss the 5 most important parts that must be conveyed in the job description. Some of them, namely:

Read Also

Read Also

a. Job Identification

This section will clarify the responsibilities and activities that must be carried out. Some of the points included in job identification are the work code, institution / department, division, and direct supervisor name information.

b. Job responsibilities

This section will clarify a number of considerations that can be taken when the company will conduct an evaluation / assessment at the end of the year. Information on work responsibilities can also minimize the slightest failure that risks harming the company.

c. Job Specifications

This section needs to clarify the specific requirements that will be used as a compensable factor in assessing the qualifications of a candidate. Qualifications can include final education, initiative, work experience, to the highest achievement in previous work.

In addition to the 3 procedures for writing job descriptions , Nigeria Recruitment Form is also able to provide all the information you need about the world of work. Good luck and hopefully useful!

Updated: September 26, 2018 — 2:33 pm

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