4 Steps to Using Social Media to Get a Job

Technology that is progressing in fact has changed aspects one by one in our lives today. Starting from the aspects of transportation, education, to communication. The proof today we just have to say goodbye to our friends via chats right?

Even the world of work does not escape this change. Believe it or not, today some companies open jobs more often through social media than using conventional media. Even some HRDs have the habit of tracking social media accounts from every prospective employee who registers. The goal is one: look at the prospective employee’s figure more deeply through the things he does in cyberspace.

Unfortunately, using social media to find and get a job is not an easy matter. It takes certain strategies and ways to optimize your social media account to make it more attractive to the company. These strategies will be dismantled by the Nigeria Student Job in this article. Just look at it!


Profile photos are the first element that others will see when you open your profile page. If your profile photo is quite clear and interesting, of course they will get a good impression from your social media account. Vice versa.

This initial impression is very important to encourage someone to trace your profile in more depth. Even more so if you want to use your social media to get a job. If the initial impression is already bad, let alone browse deeper, the tab containing your profile page might be closed immediately!

Now you can build this initial impression through several things. First, make sure that your profile photo only consists of you alone. The reason is of course because profile photos that contain more than one person can confuse people who see your profile. They will have trouble finding out who you really are.

Second, use a clear photo and can describe yourself correctly. For example, if you want to be a photographer, of course installing a profile photo by holding a camera is a good thing. Another example if you are a writer, you can use a photo of yourself in front of a laptop or a photo when you are writing.

What if you have trouble making a photo that suits the field of work you want to work on? Do not worry. You can still use the photo you use on your resume or CV as a photo of your social media account. Besides looking more neutral, this kind of photo can make you look more professional, you know!


Actually social media is created so that you can interact with everyone in it without having to be constrained by geographical boundaries. Therefore do not be afraid to make connections with people you have never known before. Don’t be afraid to expand your network!

Who knows, one or two of your friends in cyberspace can take you to the job you want, right? Besides that, being able to be friends on your social media already has access to reputable HRDs. If it’s like this, of course your chances of getting a job will get bigger, right?

Besides that, you can also establish direct connections with well-known HRD companies through social media accounts that you have. You can also establish a connection with the leaders of the company you want to enter. Just browse the company name on LinkedIn and all profiles of LinkedIn users who work there will appear. If you have found the profile, you just need to send friend requests like friends on Facebook.

In addition to connecting with HRDs and company leaders, building a connection with people who have the same interests or work as you are equally important. Especially in the context of getting a job. Because through this kind of network you can exchange complaints about work that is equally involved. Even you can also get information about the latest competitions or job openings!

Even so you have to be careful. The reason is that there are so many people who have bad intentions hanging around in cyberspace. If you are not careful, you can be trapped into fraud or other crimes.

So make sure that the people you want to make as friends on social media do have a clear profile. Don’t hesitate to stalk your previous posts to get a clear picture of what the person is like. The point is be careful in surfing on social media and make sure you are connected to people who really exist in the real world.


Indeed there are no standard and binding provisions related to use on social media. You are free to use any language in each post. Including mixing 2 languages ​​or more in a less proportional way.

But if you want to use your social media in the context of getting a job, this component is also important to note. The reason is that those who are able to speak well are often associated with good communication skills. So that indirectly your quality can be measured by your quality in language.

So from now on try to pay more attention to the language you use in each of your posts. You don’t need to use language that is too formal. Quite a neat language, easy to read and easy to understand. Show intelligence and breadth of the insight you have by speaking well in cyberspace.

If you find it difficult in this case, try multiplying quality readings. For example, by reading best sellers books or visiting a trusted current news portal. You can also surf online discussion and question and answer forums to hone language skills. Later this kind of activity can also help you communicate better in the company later!


The desire to use social media to get a job will indeed require you to change slightly to someone who can look smart and professional. But that does not mean you have to lose the style and characteristics that you have had for a long time.

For example if you really like novels even though you really want to be a photographer. Not that you can’t post things related to your pleasure in reading novels on social media. Likewise if you like certain singers even though you don’t want to be a singer at all.

Therefore, it must be understood that being professional does not mean eliminating the characteristics that you have had so far. Instead of posting something because you are forced (just to be seen if you are a professional), you better post something that you really like. Just show off your passion and be yourself !


In this very fast information age, social media not only can be used for interaction but can also be used for various purposes. Including the need to find and get a job. In other words, social media can be a powerful branding tool for you to look more attractive in the eyes of the company.

You can start this branding by using a good profile photo. After that you can expand your friendship network while using the proper language. Display the impression that you are a professional.

But don’t forget to remain yourself in cyberspace. Because only by being yourself, your passion and quality will be clearly seen. Besides, isn’t the company always looking for honest people?

Getting a job using social media is not too difficult after you know the methods above. So, are you ready to clean up your social media starting today?

Updated: August 30, 2018 — 2:10 pm

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