5 Questions That Make Nigerian HRD Impressed During a Job Interview in Nigeria

“Do you have a question for me?” is an inevitable question in a Nigeria job interview. You should always ask the interviewer questions to show that you are truly interested in the job.

Asking the right questions can impress the Nigerian interviewer, it can also make you look wise and enthusiastic. Your question is also an opportunity to find out if you are the right person and suitable for the company. Reporting from the Pop Sugar page, the following questions can make the interviewer impressed you during a job interview.

1. Can you tell me about your experience in the company?

This is a good question because people like to talk about themselves, so it can make the recruiting team think more positively about your conversation. In fact, brain scans show that talking about yourself activates parts of the brain associated with pleasure that is also obtained from things like food and sex.

In short, giving your interviewer the opportunity to talk about themselves will make them happy. At the same time, the answers given by your interviewer will be a clue how it feels to work in the company and how your career will progress later.

Another variation on this question is ‘What do you like most about working here?’ or ‘What has kept you in this company for so long?’

2. Why is this position available?

Maybe a new available position is made or the person who has been in this position goes out to another company. This will help you know hope in the job. If an employee holding this position moves to another position in the same company, this indicates that mobility and growth may occur within the company.

But if the person resigns, it could be that this position does not offer growth or development as you are looking for or you better get an offer in another company. If the position has just been made, you might start everything from below. This means you only have a little guidance and knowledge with this role, because this position might not be familiar to you.

3. What are your expectations about this new recruitment so that it can help overcome obstacles in working?

This question shows if you are serious about doing what is needed to succeed when you are accepted as an employee. The interviewer’s answer will help you to get a better idea of ​​what is expected in this role. That question will also help to illustrate the situation of the team and the company, whether your expertise and experience match what they are looking for.

4. What should be my main focus in the first few months?

With this question, you don’t just ask the interviewer clearly about what they are looking for from the candidate. You can be specific and find out what they expect from new employees and will be achieved at the beginning of the job. This shows your enthusiasm for doing a good job, and the answer will help you find out if this company is the right place for you.

If you get an offer and decide to accept it, the interviewer’s response will also help you to work on the plan in the first few months that will impress them.

5. Can you explain about the corporate culture?

This is also a good question because it not only shows your interest but can also find out if you will be happy in the company’s work environment. (hst / hst)

Updated: August 14, 2018 — 12:28 pm

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