5 Reasons Why Curriculum Vitae is Important When Applying for a Job

Once you apply for a job, you will be asked to include your curriculum vitae or curriculum vitae. If all this time you think writing your curriculum vitae is important, it’s okay, you should change the way you think, because this is the first thing that determines your success in getting a job. The following reasons are quoted from totaljobs.com why CV is important:

  1. Showing first impression.

Before the computer calls you for an interview, they will see your CV first. Recruiters will try to see your personality from the sheet of paper that writes your life history. Indirectly through your CV gives the first impression to the recruiters.

  1. Showing professionalism.

When you enter the workforce, of course you have to be professional, because that’s what is needed. Therefore, show your professionalism from the start.

  1. Attract attention.

Make sure you write a curriculum vitae that can make recruiters interested in reading your CV first compared to other people’s CVs. The trick is to design your CV interesting and different from the others, but still look professional.

  1. Explain yourself briefly.

In the curriculum vitae, you certainly write down your data and also the achievements and experience of what you have done. But don’t let you write too hard. Write all of them briefly but concisely and clearly.

  1. Highlight your abilities.

Everyone certainly has strengths and weaknesses, so write your abilities honestly but don’t overdo it. For your strengths to be more visible, don’t write down your weaknesses.

A good CV can make you find a good job.Don’t get it because your CV doesn’t show the things above so you haven’t got your dream job.

Updated: August 26, 2018 — 3:03 pm

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