5 Right Steps for Students to Enjoy Learning in Classes

The purpose of teaching and learning activities in the classroom is to master the competencies or learning objectives by students. The teacher’s task is to manage learning (from planning, implementation, to assessment). This is intended so that students can achieve learning goals to the fullest.

However, there are times when the teacher / father is unable to realize the achievement of these noble goals because of the low passion of students to learn. The impact is certainly not good, of which students cannot master the competencies or objectives of the lesson. Here are five steps that NigeriaRecruitmentForm.com summarizes so that the teacher can do to make students happy to study in class.

1. An inspiring environment

The environment has a major influence on individual behavior, including the classroom environment. Therefore, the classroom environment must have a positive influence on students. In order for student learning spirit to grow, the classroom environment should be able to inspire students to learn.

Starting from light, air, color, facilities, and so on. If the classroom lacks light and air, it will stiffen the chest and make the eyes tired. Then for color determination, try to choose a bright one. Don’t forget to include inspirational displays. Great figures, motivational sentences, student work, teaching aids, and others.

2. Effective and enjoyable learning process

The mood of students is also influenced by the atmosphere of learning in the classroom. Thus, if the process runs pleasantly, then student learning motivation automatically increases. Classes become more interactive because of student activity. To create a fun process, the assessment technique must also be prepared in a variety of ways. Ask students questions according to what they want to measure.

For creativity and originality to rise, open questions need to be made. This question in nature makes students feel challenged to achieve something more, but still within reach. If that question is just too easy, then the enthusiasm of students to give more effort will not rise. On the contrary, if it is too difficult, it can turn off students’ efforts. For that, you must be a creative teacher.

3. A challenging class competition

In general, each individual will feel proud if they have something more than others. Call it smarter, more successful, better, and much more. Vice versa, people will feel sad if they are under someone else. For example, more stupid, lazy, always fails, and others. Well, from here every person has the instinct to compete.

As a teacher, you need to prepare a strategy so that the competition that occurs in the class goes well. Arrange so that the competition can still be followed by all students and produce rotating champions every time. So it is not only students who win. Let each student have the opportunity to be a champion in their respective fields.

4. Learning resources

Often students are reluctant to learn because of insufficient sources of learning. Adequate learning resources must support the curriculum, related to self-development, and career development. Reliable printed books, audio, video, interesting teaching media so students are not saturated with the delivery of monotonous material. The more diverse and complete the resources available in the class, the greater the tendency of students to love learning.

5. Prepared learning assistance

When students experience learning difficulties, they need help from those who are more understanding. If the assistance needed is not available, then there will be a tendency for lazy students to continue learning. Learning assistance here can come from a class teacher, or another teacher assigned to help students. So, with the provision of study assistance for students in the class, they will prefer learning.

Those are the five steps that the teacher / teacher can apply so that students feel at home studying in the classroom. Hopefully this article is useful. Convey your feedback in the comments column.

Updated: December 5, 2018 — 7:14 am

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