5 Smart Tips to Avoid Job Vacancies that are only deceptive. Instead of your own loss

Be Careful Before Being a Victim

The digital era makes everything feel easier, just through the gadget plus internet quota of course, we can get a lot of information from any part of the world. Includes information about job openings originating from many sources.

But lately a lot of information is unclear on the origin of the truth. This kind of information is intentionally made by ignorant individuals who take advantage of job seekers who are less careful in sorting out information. The mode that has recently been carried out by hoax spreaders includes making complete information such as an official letter that is able to convince victims. Furthermore, if the victim believes they will ask for a sum of money for reasons of administrative costs, transportation and other things.

Then, what is the way to avoid hoax job vacancy information? Come on! Check out 5 tips to avoid the following fake / hoax jobs.

1. Don’t believe easily

Again, busy searching for lockers, suddenly you can get SMS lockers from large companies in Nigeria with easy terms and tempting salary. Don’t be easy to trust first, try to re-check the information. Is it valid and reliable? If it turns out to be a hoax, don’t believe it even though you were registering at that company.

2. Visit the Company’s Official Website

To avoid hoax locker info, there’s no harm in checking your official website. The more diligent you look at the company’s website, the more information you can get. You will also be wiser in sorting out information. Usually official recruitment info is also posted on the company’s official website. For example, you can check here if you register with one of the SOEs. Besides you get useful information, you are also not easily fooled by cheap hoax information.

3. Don’t want to spend money!

Keep in mind, every company that opens job vacancies let alone large companies, will never ask for money from prospective employees. Good for administrative costs, accommodation, transportation and so on. All costs will be fully borne by the company. In fact, the company that gives you money.

4. Find Other Company Locker Alternatives

Life does not just refer to one thing, explore yourself to many things so that life is not really flat. Likewise when looking for work, don’t just apply to one company, try another opportunity to another company. Who knows how to match! But make sure the information obtained comes from official and trusted sources.

5. Pray

This is not less important, be diligent in praying so that you get a real job call that is not false, according to your expectations.

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Updated: October 2, 2018 — 1:32 pm

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