Before Looking for a Job You Should Prepare These 5 Sure Tips to Get a Job Interview

You just applied for a job and contacted that you will interview tomorrow? How do you deal with the job interview?

How was your performance in the previous interview? Is the hand moist, there is a nervous smile, plus nausea in your stomach?

Actually this is normal, but it can still be detrimental especially if you don’t handle it properly.

NigeriaRecruitmentForm has the right tips to get a job interview – Here are 5 tips to get through Nigeria job interview summarized:

  1. Give a good impression

There is a saying that “First impressions often become determinants” and that is clearly evident in a job interview. Give the interviewer the impression from the beginning by offering a strong and confident handshake, plus a sincere smile.

This proves the interviewer that you are happy to be there and waiting for an interview. As soon as the interview starts, remember to show your best attitude and sit up straight and look at the interviewer’s eyes while talking.

  1. Overcome nervousness

It is normal to feel nervous in situations such as job interviews and there are various ways you can do to calm down before it happens. What is clear, do not think that you will fail in this interview.

In fact, most HRDs have realized that job interviews can be very stressful for candidates and they will not make the atmosphere more rigid.

All you have to do to calm yourself down is to take a regular breath and focus on answering questions.

Attending an interview without learning about the company will only increase your anxiety, so study first before coming to a job interview.

You will feel more confident if you can answer the questions posed to you by the interviewer. Learn everything you need to know about the company, position, and even the industry you are trying to enter.

If you are asked with questions that cannot be answered, keep calm, give a pause to focus your mind, and don’t be afraid to clarify the question with the interviewer. This tactic will give you enough time to get the right answer right away.

  1. Answer as if you were telling a story

The best way to make a memorable job interview is to take on the role of a storyteller. The interviewer likes this strategy because it gives them the opportunity to really know your background and experience.

This is a great tactic when talking about how you deal with challenges at work, how to deal with conflicts at work, and also achievements in your career.

It should be noted that this tactic will only work when you have prepared what you told before, so practice the day before the scheduled interview.

Formulate possible questions that might arise during the interview session, and make answers that are appropriate for each question.

Try to remember your past and current work experience so that you will have a story that can be used as a ready-to-use answer for a job interview.

  1. Listen well and react appropriately

Focus on the interviewer if you want them to choose you, never lose focus or worse, ignore the interviewer because it is a big carelessness.

As soon as the interview starts, stay focused and listens to each question. Get rid of anything that can cause you to lose focus like a smartphone, set it in silent mode for a while or shake it when the interview takes place.

Likewise, acting appropriately, such as smiling when the interviewer shares a joke or nods to show an agreement that shows you are listening to what is being said and will help to get a plus from the person you are talking to.

Use non-verbal cues used by HRD (raising eyebrows / scratching your head) to help offset your reaction to it. Learning to read body language will help gain profit at this point in the job search process.

  1. Show gratitude

One of the best ways to make HRD impress is the simplest thing. It starts by being polite and staying with your best attitude throughout the meeting.

Showing thanks to the interviewer is also a great way to show that you value their time, and thank you for the opportunity to interview this job.

Remember, people want to be around other people they like – behave politely and show your best attitude, then you might just be accepted into the company you just visited.

Updated: August 5, 2018 — 2:40 pm

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