5 Things About Companies Often Become Questions When Interviewing

Before being accepted into the employees in a company, a job applicant usually pass through stages of the interview or interviews . At this stage, prospective employees must answer a number of questions to explain about themselves. One of them is about the strengths and weaknesses of yourself.

However, not only that, applicants will also be consulted about the company in question. What are the things about the company often being questions during interviews ? What is the strategy to answer it? Check out the following review.

What do you know about us?

This is one of the most common questions addressed to job applicants during interviews . Indirectly, the answer to this question will show the interest of prospective employees towards the company and the job being proposed. Therefore, you must be able to convince the interviewer.

How to? The only way is to dig as much information as possible about the company before fulfilling the interview call. Look for data online about the company’s mission, products sold, or company culture. Then, explain the research completely when interviewing without seemingly exaggerating.

How do you find this job vacancy?

This question usually arises at the beginning of the interview session. One of the reasons interviewers ask is to find out the most effective recruitment method. This is an evaluation material for the company so that it can determine the method that should be used or not.

Although it seems trivial, don’t answer with carelessness. Your answer can also indicate the level of interest in the proposed company. A safe step is to deliver honest answers.

If you get a recommendation from an employee who also works at the company, don’t forget to submit it. Usually, applicants resulting from recommendations get more value because they are considered more competent and can last longer.

Why do you want to work in this company?

The next question that you will face in an interview is the reason for choosing the company as a workplace. In general, the reason that encourages someone to look for work is adequate income. However, there is no need to openly say this reason.

Instead, try to dig up information about the advantages of the proposed company. Then, tell how you will “enjoy” your tasks with those advantages.

How do you see our competitors?

You may also be faced with questions about competitors. The answer will show how much you know and how it will work to provide the best for the company.

The easiest way is to do research online and find out the advantages of companies that are not owned by competitors. Keep in mind, you don’t need to speak ill of other companies for any reason.

What makes you interested in this industry?

A more general question is about the reason you went into the industry. For example, if you apply to work in a restaurant, you certainly have to explain a reasonable reason. More specifically, also explain why you want a career in this field and what steps will be taken to achieve it.

Now, 5 things about the company often become questions when interviewed . If you succeed in impressing the interviewer with brilliant and diplomatic answers, it is not impossible that the targeted position will eventually become yours.

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Updated: September 17, 2018 — 1:02 pm

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