5 Things That Actually Become HRD Considerations to Receive Job Applications The Fresh Graduate

Time runs so fast that without realizing it the school we are going to is almost finished. And we certainly feel a fear of career. The turmoil is not only felt by those who will graduate from college, but also felt by high school or vocational high school, junior high school, even those who have worked. I am a public relation from a training institution and now I am 20 years old.

Of course you will ask why age is able to work? Especially being a PR? All that is because of effort and also prayer. But besides that, personality or attitude is equally important in determining a career or success. Well, through this article I will share the experience I got about tips on how fresh graduates can successfully reach careers.

1. Find your passion through the right way and do not justify any means

Find your passion or passion. What kind of work you want, things like what you like, so you feel comfortable running it. Because a job will be resolved to its full potential if you do it with pleasure and enthusiasm. The better you run your job the better your achievements.

Feeling proud and loving the work you get or run that is one form of your passion for it. Do everything with so much love then everything will feel light.

2. Don’t force your will and abilities; live what is and keep believing in yourself

Know how far you are. What abilities are there for you. Because it can be a benchmark for what kind of work you will be able to do. And just advice, to write the ability on a job application do not come from good good written down while in fact you do not master it, because later it will have an impact later on.

3. Keep thinking positive and don’t stop if you haven’t tried it; repeatedly work lists for example

Positive thinking must always be in our minds in a career or work. Because a positive mind will indirectly bring a positive influence on the environment around you, even a bus can bring positive things that benefit you. Because everything that starts with positive thinking will certainly work well.

Not only that, we must also use positive thoughts in how we judge your leader or boss. So, start everything positively then good things will follow.

4. Have a strong mentality and don’t complain easily. Be independent!

Having a strong mentality is one of the keys to a brilliant career. There is a saying The higher the tree, the more the wind will hit, and the stronger the root that supports the tree will not fall and will continue to live and grow. Likewise with us, so much pressure that we will definitely receive and experience it in the world of work.

Not only heavy pressure, words that are accidentally thrown at you and very unpleasant will surely happen, even in the form of a complaint. We must be able to accept with a strong mentality, prepare ourselves for all the good or bad possibilities that will befall you. That’s where your self and abilities are honed to be better. And if you have a mentality that is sure you can survive under any circumstances and are not easily displaced.

5. Not everything is just about money, don’t matter if you don’t feel capable!

DO NOT WORK BECAUSE OF MONEY, if your reason for working because your Money is in a big mistake. Because I’m worried you will do everything you can to get money. As Kristian Hardianto wrote in his book entitled Super Career that “Don’t work because of money” then the question must have arisen in your mind “then what do we work for?”

The answer is to work because of achievement, the goal is to find achievement. Because, the higher your achievements, the high position, the high salary, and the benefits you want will follow you.

Updated: August 22, 2018 — 3:16 pm

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