5 Things You Must Be Written at CV to Increase Job Opportunities

Nowadays looking for work is getting harder. Many rivals and many more experienced candidates. For those who have just graduated, they have no experience whatsoever it will be more difficult to get a job.

But there are always ways and efforts that can be done to increase the chances of getting a job. The first step is to make a good CV. However, a company will first see the applicant’s CV or resume before passing it to the next selection step. Then what kind of good CV? A good CV contains at least five important things.

Complete and clear contact information

Complete here does not mean you have to enter all the phone numbers you have. Just put the telephone number that you often use. So that the company is not confused. Likewise, email addresses, home addresses (if necessary), social media account links, all need to be written completely and clearly. The point is that readers can find the easiest way to contact or contact you.

5 Things You Must Be Written at CV to Increase Job Opportunities

Create a solid paragraph that describes the profile of your self if it is right and in accordance with what is sought by the company. Starting from the name, what graduates, have any previous experience, and the positive character or advantages you have. This self-profile can later make your CV look different from the others.

Keywords about the position you are applying for

Do not let the CV that you make the results of copy paste from another CV. List several keywords related to the position you are applying for. Don’t just write it, “I apply for a new job position in your company.” Also mention the company you are headed for. Also explain your enthusiasm and ambition to get the job position. So that there is a personal impression and proof that you really are able to get the job.

Achievement and Achievement

You don’t have to have all the achievements. Not all achievements must be written. Just list the achievements and achievements that have something to do or a plot with the job position that you are applying for. This way, the prospective interviewer will be easier to select and pass you to the next stage.

Non-Academic Experiences

Ever had experience in the organization? Have you ever had the experience of making projects with other communities? Have experience attending seminars or trainings that still have to do with the field of work that you are applying for? It is also necessary to include all of them. These academic experiences that you have are guaranteed to make you stand out more than other candidates.

Now, are you ready to re-apply for a job? Hopefully you can get the best job you’ve ever dreamed of, ladies.

Updated: August 23, 2018 — 3:45 pm

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