5 Tips Before You Determine College Courses

nigeria College Courses choicesThere are a lot of college majors spread throughout the world, even thousands. This is of course confusing for those of you who will go to college and determine majors right? Actually, determining college majors is not difficult if you can get to know your talents & passion from the past. That is why PASSION is indeed one of the most important elements in your life for the future.

And the 3 tips below might lead you better in choosing college majors.

1. What achievements do you have?

Yes, maybe it can be with values, certificates, or other achievements. If you have a high science value, maybe you will have talent in the field of medicine. If you want to be a fashion designer, you can arrange your designs into a portfolio. And the progress of getting that achievement takes a long time, so increase your achievements while still in school!

2. What is your hobby?

If you are confused in determining your talents and interests, your hobbies might be able to give clues. Hobbies can be a consideration for choosing a department? Why not! If you like to draw manga, you can choose the animation design department. For your information, animation is one of the most popular majors in this century!

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3. What are your goals?

Well, if you have clear ideals, this will be very helpful in determining the college majors later. If you aspire to become a lawyer, of course you have to study Law. But this does not mean you do not need to prepare. If you want to study at a famous Law Faculty abroad, you are of course required to take the LSAT test. Likewise with the medical department that requires you to take the MCAT test.

4. Determine the Field of Science That Makes You Interested

This can also be one of the tips for choosing college majors. The principle is, choose a field that makes you curious until you continue to study day and night without knowing time. Even often steal time to learn it yourself via the internet, or various books in the library. Choose the department that is “Sense of Wonder” in you, which really will become the estuary of knowledge that you will pursue until old age.

5. What is your PASSION?

The lecture takes a long time, can be 3 to 4 years. Try, you live in college with enjoy & majors according to your own passion. If you live all according to passion, then you will be excited to face all the difficulties that exist. So remember, PASSION is one of the most important factors to support your future!

Updated: October 6, 2018 — 12:45 pm

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