5 Tips for Success in Building a Career for Women in the Digital Age

Building a career in the digital era will always be accompanied by various obstacles and obstacles. Especially for those who just want to move, must be prepared with all the risks and challenges that confront. But there is always a gap to be able to succeed in building a career in this modern age.

Ladies, actually there are already many tips on building a career that you can follow. You just need to find and choose the most suitable tips and you can do. Meanwhile, specifically in this digital era there are a number of things that need more attention in order to succeed in the chosen career field.

  1. Focus on the one area you want to work on

It doesn’t hurt to learn many things. But for the long term it is best to focus on one area to continue to be cultivated and developed. Be professional in this field. Also make sure you really like the field you want to work on

  1. Build a positive online presence

It can be started by creating a social media account that can contain things related to your work. So social media is not only used to confide or show off selfies . You can try making an account on LinkedIn to improve personal branding in cyberspace. Maximize every social media account to build your professionalism. If necessary, also have a personal blog that contains your work portfolio from time to time.

  1. Challenge yourself to make new achievements and achievements

Increase your score by making new achievements or achievements. For example by becoming a champion in a competition that suits your field. Or create work and projects that can be added value for your expertise. All these achievements can later be added to your portfolio and increase your chances of getting a better job offer.

  1. Find a mentor

Quoted from topresume.com, research says that having a mentor can increase the chances of successful young people. By having a mentor, we can get guidance and direction to build a better career. At least you can be more careful not to repeat the same mistakes.

  1. Collaboration with experts

Collaboration can be a way to build networks. Extend relationships and experience by making things with experts. This method is quite effective to get new experiences while honing the skills you already have.

Hopefully any career field that you choose can bring you success, ladies. Challenges in the world of work will be even harder but there are always ways to improve professionalism.

Updated: August 11, 2018 — 1:50 pm

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