5 Tips For You To Make Salaries Not Fast Out

Hmm … Did you experience this? Your salary quickly runs out. Not yet the end of the month was over. Well … the question? Where do you use payday money? This is certainly very troublesome isn’t it? Especially when the end of the month of Hajj has run out. Therefore, there are 5 tips for you so that your salary doesn’t run out quickly.

Yes … either a lot or a little of your salary. In principle, your salary must be felt a little. Always want a lot of salary. Yes … want how much your salary will be, it will still be useless if your salary runs out quickly.

Well without shortening the word, here are 5 tips for you so that your salary doesn’t run out quickly.

1. Start Sharing and Arranging Monthly Salaries

One week or a few days before payday, start writing financial planning. Can be in a book or on a computer, it’s up to you. Just start managing your monthly salary.

Simply put, your salary includes the following 3 things. 50% living life, 30% savings and investment, and 20% playing. If you have a home loan installment, then this fund is allocated part of the investment portion and having fun. If you have installments on credit card debt, then the payment fund must be taken from the fun portion.

2. Using Separate Savings Accounts

This is quite effective. the use is very much, in addition to managing finances can also make you not itchy to take money.

For the 3 things already mentioned, living, investing and playing. Start separating each account.

3. Prioritizing Financial Objectives

Many desires but few sources of funds are natural. His name is also human. So out of the many desires, start sorting out. Which priorities do not need. Some suggestions for you, start paying first installments, fill live crocodiles, and invest.

4. Limit the withdrawal of money at the ATM

One of the weaknesses of ATMs is because of the ease of taking money. No need to queue for hours. And as a result, sometimes you can’t control the retrieval.

Therefore, you should start limiting yourself. Make a schedule when you go to the ATM. Can be once a week or once a month.

5. Think of Short-Term Goals

Yep, aside from investing or saving. Also think about short-term goals. Destinations that will be enjoyed in the near future. For example, in three months, I can buy Playstation 4 (the perverted ways). Hahaha, besides investing, short-term goals also think about it.

So 5 tips for you so that your salary doesn’t run out quickly. Hopefully it can help you and live better than before.

Updated: August 20, 2018 — 3:29 pm

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