5 Types of Skill You Must Include on the CV

For fresh graduates or even freelancers who are looking for job openings, they must already have a curriculum vitae (CV) because it is a standard requirement that must be attached by each applicant. But the problem is, not many applicants know the characteristics of CV that can attract HRD attention. Normally, CVs are only seen by a HRD because of limited time problems while the number of applicants is very large. So it’s better, a good CV consists of only one page that can cover all things about you. In the CV you can tell who you are through biodata, work experience and organization, educational history, and skills. Sometimes, prospective applicants still like to confuse their skills. So, consider the following article, let’s, to find out what skills you can include.

Language skill

Entering the period of the MEA many foreign companies are recruiting local workers. This makes developing language skills very important. The language in question is not only Indonesian, yes, but also foreign languages, especially English as an international language and others. In explaining your language skills in CV, it doesn’t need to be at length, really. You can specify the name of the language that you have mastered and give an overview of your ability in the form of a scale from 1-5. Save the word, right?

Technology capability

The modern era like today makes you be required to master one or several applications and work support devices. In this section you can specify the name of the application that you have mastered or only include the logo of the application in question to save and beautify the layout of the CV design.

Communication ability

This ability must be owned by all prospective applicants. Communication alone cannot, how do you want to work under the terms of other people’s companies, right ? Especially for those who have a lot of previous organizational history, this skill is supported by these experiences, after all . So, make sure and include that you are a person who is able to communicate and socialize well, yes.

Ability to work in teams

Work in companies is usually interrelated with each other. This requires good teamwork to help smooth work. Your ability to work in teams can greatly influence judgment to ascertain how well you communicate and handle emotions and ego. Usually, this ability is included in what percentage percentage you are able to work well on the team.

Ability to lead

Every company must crave workers who are creative and have a high leadership spirit to advance. This ability makes the company able to see how firm, creative, and wise you are. Therefore, to better illustrate, this ability is very important for you to include in the form of percentage in CV.

Updated: August 30, 2018 — 2:07 pm

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