5 Ways to Manage Bank Loans for Smooth Business

Finding additional capital through a loan is one of the common things done by entrepreneurs to expand their business. One way is to borrow from a bank. However, sometimes not all loans can be managed as expected so that the business goes backwards. Many of the risks of bank lending cannot be resolved properly, including late penalties, the possibility of confiscation of company assets, and the inclusion of company names in banking blacklists which will make it difficult to obtain loans in the future. To avoid this, know several ways to manage bank loans so that businesses can grow and debt continues to pay off.

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Plan with Ripe

Before deciding to borrow money from a bank, you should have determined a business progress plan first. You have to make a plan where the funds are channeled, whether to add production tools, finance promotions, or expand the area. By having a mature plan, the business will run more smoothly and even money loans will be used as needed.

Follow the Plan

When someone receives a lot of money from a bank loan, sometimes there will be a desire to use the funds outside the business needs. This is certainly not right. If you owe for business, then never obey that desire. Keep following the predetermined plan. Do not touch the slightest amount of funds outside the planned budget, so that the loan money will not run out without any business progress.

Provide Special Funds

Dare to take a loan from the Bank, it means that you also have to be brave to pay in installments every month along with the interest. However, pay installments in an orderly manner if you don’t want to be burdened with fines. Get used to having special funds to pay installments that can be taken from operating income. Even if the profit exceeds the target, you can set it aside for the next installment as a special reserve fund that will be useful when the business experiences a deficit.

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Make Profit As Capital

Even though you have to use the business profits to pay off debt, you still have to increase capital with these benefits. Suppose you are an employee in a paid company every month. When the loan at the Bank has not been resolved, then do not take profits first, take the salary as the owner. Profit can only be used for business purposes. Thus, the initial capital that you plant will gradually increase as the business progresses. Businesses that run more smoothly will facilitate bank loan payments.

Make a Financial Note

A very necessary way to manage bank loans is to make a financial record of the company. You need to write down all income, expenses, and amount of debt on the note. Every installment that has been paid also needs to be written in detail because it can facilitate the calculation of the company’s cash flow. In this way, you can easily see how much the company is progressing and how much debt it must pay. Even if the company’s finances decline, you can quickly find out and can make the most appropriate decisions based on these financial records.

Updated: November 2, 2018 — 2:52 pm

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