6 CV Compilation Tips for Your Job Application Interesting

Applying for work is an important step that you must pass when you want to achieve a dream career. When you will apply for a job, you also have to prepare a curriculum vitae, aka CV. Although it sounds trivial, you have to be serious when making a CV to make it look attractive so that you look at HRD.

Often job seekers fail in the first step just because the CV is made less attractive. So HRD is not even interested in calling to the next step, namely interview . Therefore, do not underestimate the process of preparing the CV.

Before composing an attractive CV, first understand what important things must be in the CV, including personal data, educational history and employment history. Well, more complete, here are the steps to make an attractive CV.Include information about skills

In addition to basic information such as personal data, education history, and employment history, you can include information about the skills you have so that the company better understands your abilities.

However, make sure the skills that you include are in accordance with the position you are applying for. In addition, make sure information about the skill is clearly stated, in terms of its level. Information about these skills is important so that the company believes that you have enough stock to carry out the task at the new workplace.

Look for references

If you want to make an attractive CV, you also need to look for references. You can see the CV of other experienced people. That way, your idea will be richer in composing an attractive CV.

Or, if you feel there is no idea, you can use the CV templates available on various sites. You will also be more helped by using the template .

Include information about work performance

You can list the achievements you achieved during your previous work. For example in the form of awards, wins in a competition related to work, or others.

This achievement record will be a proof of your ability to work that has received recognition. HRD will be even more determined to choose you among a row of other candidates who apply.

Don’t be too long

Even though you have to include complete information, it doesn’t mean you have to make a CV as long as possible. Make sure your CV remains concise. You can make a CV for only 1 page, or a maximum of 2 pages. In other words, make a short, solid and clear CV.

Remember, the CV that enters the HRD table is not just one. HRD does not have much time in selecting, so you should be able to make a CV as interesting as possible.


Before sending a CV to a target company, read the CV that you have arranged repeatedly. Make sure there is no error in the information that you include. Also make sure there are no typos or typos. Small mistakes like typos will be very annoying, and will emit the impression that you are a person who is not careful.

You don’t want to fail just because of a typo on the CV, right? Therefore, do not hesitate to check your CV many times before reaching the HRD.

Analyze CV

After making sure there is nothing wrong, you can analyze your CV. The trick, read and pay attention to your own CV, but while assuming that you are a HRD. In addition, ask others to read your CV.

Later, you can provide an assessment of your CV, as well as your friends. From this assessment, you can make repairs if you feel that there is still something missing. Now, how, are you ready to apply for work?

Updated: August 31, 2018 — 12:56 pm

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