6 Important Good Skills Included in the CV

Job applications are the first impression for a company to assess a person’s ability. Not surprisingly, even good job applications should be able to convince companies of their expertise, especially in an era of increasingly advanced technological developments.

World Economic Forum’s Future of Jobs recently released a report on how technological developments such as virtual reality, artificial intelligence and robots in the next two years (2020) will affect companies and what they want from their employees. Therefore, candidates or applicants should have the ability that is expected.

Related to this, World Economic Forum researchers Future of Jobs interviewed 350 executives from nine major industries in the world. As reported by the Daily Mail , researchers put forward six skills which according to them need to be included in the CV.

1. Cognitive flexibility Cognitive

flexibility can be defined as the ability to produce or use various rules to be combined or grouped in different ways. Some jobs will require high cognitive abilities such as creativity, logical thinking, and sensitivity in seeing problems.

2. Decision making

Now, many companies are looking for people who are skilled at considering an action that is relatively costly and useful and can decide which is the most appropriate. The ability to make decisions does sound outdated, but the decisions taken are data-based decisions.

3. Emotional intelligence

When translated simply, emotional intelligence is the ability to understand the reactions of others and the reasons why they react. In general, social skills or social skills such as persuasion, social intelligence and the ability to teach others will be needed more in various industries than technical abilities such as programming or equipment and control.

4. Creativity

Creativity is needed because of today’s technological needs. Company leaders are sure to find people who can think creatively to apply a technology to a product and service.

5. Critical Thinking

Everything that is automatic is demanding a lot of requests. This is because machines need to be governed ethically and optimally. Therefore, companies need people who are able to evaluate technology performance so that it can benefit the company.

6. Able to overcome complex problems

Companies still need employees to interpret data supplied by technology. An easy example is, someone riding a motorbike using Google Maps might be able to enter the road that is only allowed by cars. This can happen if the person follows the map without paying attention to the traffic signs. Like in companies, the use of technology also still requires human existence to analyze and discuss to find the best solution

Updated: August 27, 2018 — 3:13 pm

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