6 Reasons Your Job Application Is Not Responded by the Company

The increasing number of job seekers each year requires you to compete with millions of people to fight for the same position in the same company. Have you ever experienced a long wait for calls from the company you are looking for? it’s been 3 weeks, a month or more, still no calls? maybe the following things have not been fulfilled and should be noted better than before so that the “waiting” call will not last long.

1. Not meeting the required qualifications

In applying for a job, it is very important to pay attention to what qualifications the company is looking for. for example, if the company is looking for administrative staff who have at least 3 years experience in the same field, while you do not have any experience in the field, then most likely your application will be rejected. To avoid this, try applying for a job that suits your qualifications.

2. Don’t mention your expertise that the company is looking for

The company must mention what skills are needed from the applicants they are looking for. Make sure you mention briefly and clearly your skills in accordance with what the company is looking for. For example, when there is a graphic design job, then you must mention your expertise in the field of graphic design, as well as the ability to use computer applications that support your work as a graphic designer.

3. Resumes / CVs are too long and irrelevant

Make a resume / CV as interesting as possible but that does not mean making a resume that is too long, long-winded, let alone become irrelevant to what the company is looking for. Moreover decorate resumes with unusual fonts. Create a resume with standard and formal writing formats but more highlighting your skills and achievements in relation to the proposed position, for example for a marketing position, you do not need to include achievements as winners of dance competitions or badminton competitions, this is totally irrelevant.

4. Install photos that are not formal

Companies usually ask applicants to include photos as a sign of initial recognition. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you use professional looking photos. Don’t use your selfie or photo with some friends and then you mark one of them is you. Of course this is very unprofessional. Use photos with more formal clothes, can be collared or use a balzer. And no need to use excessive accessories.

5. Never send a resume and application letter from the results of Copy Paste

Many job seekers now send job applications along with resumes with a wholesale system so as to speed up time, they copy and paste applications and resumes that are widely circulated on the Internet. The company has received thousands of application letters and resumes so that they can easily recognize which resume and resume are the results of copy paste. What can be suggested is, modify the sample application letter and resume that you get using your own language because then you can convince recruiters about your sincerity in applying for a job.

6. Does not include contact info

This can be the most important factor why your application does not get a response. Not infrequently you forget to include a contact telephone number or e-mail address, even though it is very important for the company to contact you. So, make sure that you have included contact info on each resume that you submit.

Updated: August 27, 2018 — 3:33 pm

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