6 Supporting Skills for Improving Your Career

It must be admitted, the world of work is not just money. But also competition topped the highest career. Yes, if the career goes up, the money will increase. Of course, it’s getting busier too.

Everyone likes to compete. Everyone likes high careers. Some even left their families for a brilliant career. If this is not done. It’s best to choose a career that doesn’t have to leave your family.

So, to continue to improve your career, there are supporting skills here. Don’t just update the main skill. For example, continue to study Chemistry, so that you become a chemist. Incidentally, his career was in research. But there are also supporting skills that need to be done. Even though he might be good at the main skill, but not an expert in supporting skills, it is difficult also to have a career.

1. Communication Skill

These skills include speaking, listening, building relationships, and writing. Every job whatsoever, it needs communication. While just building a family needs communication.

Well, to contact clients, talk to fellow coworkers, even talk to the boss it needs the name of communication skills. How to build two-way communication. Both understand each other, this is very necessary.

Don’t be a selfish worker, who is really lazy to build this skill. If selfish people are certainly not seen by others. Oh yeah, update the writing skill. Because there are times, we spend our thoughts through writing.

2. Skill in Interacting

There are people who are very easy to interact with other people. And there are also people who are very difficult to interact. If you are the type of person who easily interacts, increase the skill again to become a master.

But, for those of you who are very difficult to interact, you should train yourself. Skip your boundaries to become a person who likes to interact. Of course, with qualified communication skills.

If you are afraid to start connecting, you should avoid it. When it comes to talking to new people, it feels really scared. Afraid that he is angry. In fact, when he started the interaction, he turned out to be really friendly.

3. Learning Skill Whatever

Learning cannot stop. Don’t because you have graduated from college so you are lazy to learn. Or because not with knowledge that is understood, so lazy to learn. Learn anything. Whether it’s learning about marketing, IT, to the company’s equipment must also be studied.

Be a knowledgeable person, not narrow. If people are knowledgeable, it will certainly be an open person. When you have become an open person, communication skills are further honed as well as interacting skills.

4. Skill Management, especially Yourself

Accustomed to a busy self means having to have good management skills. So, we can arrange our activities. Every of our daily activities is so valuable. It can’t be passed even one day without doing anything in vain.

If you cannot do your own management, when a career is at the peak, you will be overwhelmed with office busyness. Moreover, it cannot divide family time with work.

5. Skill Solving Problems

Does the job run smoothly every day? Of course not no. There must be certain days suddenly there is a problem. For most people, when the problem comes, then he starts to panic. Even just shut up without knowing anything.

This is the required skill in solving problems. If there is a problem, start thinking about how to solve it. When a solution has been found, it will certainly make things easier.

Especially if there are unplanned problems. For example when sending an email to the client suddenly the internet goes out. Usually the layman will be angry or just keep quiet. If someone who has problem solving skills, will look for other ways to get internet. For example using your own data package or going to a cafe providing free wifi.

6. Skill Digital Marketing

Today is the age of the digital age. So everything that is digital, in marketing is also a gradual shift. What initially focused on offline advertising has now changed to online advertising.

Of course this digital marketing skill is needed. If it’s just an upload, it’s easy. But how do the ads on the internet have a lot of sales interest in potential customers.

So, don’t be lazy to study the digital world. Especially now that we are not separated from digital names. When you get bored, you will definitely go exploring the internet. Whether it’s open social media, browsing, or playing games online.

Well, that’s a support skill for your career. Indeed, it’s really hard to learn the skill. Also, the skill is more practical than theory. Don’t linger to study theory, it won’t connect in practice.

For example, don’t just buy a book, “How to Build Communication.” If you just read it, it’s no use. The practice is also, it’s just great.

Let us compete to become better people .

Updated: August 17, 2018 — 2:04 pm

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