6 Tips for Creating A Job Application Letter Attracting HRD

Making a good job application letter is the first step to getting a job that cannot be underestimated. No matter how great the qualifications you have, if a job application letter is poorly made it will certainly be a barrier for you to get a job. Here are some things that must be prepared to ensure that the application letter of work is interesting for HRD staff:

1. Avoid writing the same information as CV

Making an attractive cover letter when read by HRD staff is a must. Unfortunately this is not easy. Especially when considering there are no specific standards regarding a good job application letter. Even so it is not impossible to make a good application letter. The first thing you must make sure when making a cover letter is not to provide information written in the CV on the job application letter.

Job application letters must be made to show your qualifications as a job applicant. So that the job application letter is written by showing the results of your achievement. Unfortunately many people actually get stuck writing down the things contained in the CV on the job application letter. This certainly will make HRD staff lazy to read especially considering the job application letter that you made.

2. Perfect first and last paragraph

The first paragraph becomes the key for the job application letter that you make to be worth reading or not by HRD staff. The first convoluted and tedious paragraph will ensure that the job application letter that you send is not prioritized, it could be discarded. Make the first paragraph brief, clear but sell enough. So HRD will consider reading your job application letter until it runs out.

In addition to the first paragraph, the writing of the last paragraph also becomes the key for your application letter to be considered feasibility. Ending your cover letter with floating, uncaring words or even in a bad way will make people lazy to consider your qualifications. Make the final paragraph firmly but also show a sincere request to consider you if it matches the qualifications they requested.

3. A little review of the company

Before deciding to apply for a job by making a job application letter, knowing everything about the company is a must. It doesn’t have to be detailed, but you should know general information about the company. If you need to do special research to get information about the company. You can enter this information in a job application letter as an added value.

Add a little review about the company where you sent the job application letter. It doesn’t need much because it seems to lick. Give enough reviews that allow the company to be quite impressed with the information you provide. Better give a review by showing your impression of the company including your motivation when you want to join the company.

4. Write enough ability

Job application letters are not a place to show off your abilities even though you still have to make a job by selling and showing your qualifications as an applicant. Therefore, avoid writing down all the abilities you have in it. If you feel the need to write down the skills and qualifications you have, just enter a few that represent. So that HRD staff are not confused with the application letter you made.

All qualifications and abilities that you have should not be written in a job application letter but CV. This CV sheet contains all the abilities and qualifications you have. Later the CV will be attached together with the job application letter that you sent. With these two files, HRD staff will be more comfortable reading the job application letter you made. So that the opportunity for your job application letter can be considered.

5. Sign a job application letter

One of the most forgotten things when making a job application letter is a signature. Although this cover letter is not a valuable stamped document that requires a signature, your signature shows authenticity. Besides that, the signature can also show personality. Unfortunately this signature is often underestimated by those who apply for a job and make a job application letter.

However, signing a signature will be difficult if the job application letter is sent in an online format. If the company wants it, you don’t need to sign your job application letter. Some companies also often use separate application forms that do not require signatures. Just follow the procedure as desired by the company so that your cover letter is worth considering.

6. Outside appearance of job application letter

In addition to the contents of the job application letter, the first thing that will be considered for the application letter read by the HRD staff is the outside view of the application letter. Make sure to use paper that is standard so that the letter looks clean and tidy. If the company requires letters written in pens, use the best quality pens to produce neat writing and not cause ink stains.

While if the company requires a job application letter to be typed neatly, be sure to use the right typing rules. Use official standard letters like Times New Roman. Typos or typos are not allowed in a job application letter. Be sure to type the job application letter carefully so that no typos occur. Reread the job application letter before sending it so that there is no error in it.

Updated: September 3, 2018 — 12:27 pm

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