7 Reasons to Right for ‘Move On’ from Work

Most people feel comfortable with their work. Even though you have to struggle with the complexity of traffic in order to reach the workplace, there is always a reason why people survive. However, there are times when work feels boring and there seems to be no improvement in terms of salary and position.

Are salaries and positions the right reason to ‘move on’ or find a new job? Summarized from several sources, the following seven reasons can be considered before deciding to move from the current job.

1. Makes sick

People work to get welfare not for sickness. If the work involved now makes the body often sick, then it’s good to go out and find a new job.P

ain can be due to an unsupportive work environment, lack of discipline about diet and rest and stress. Too many absences also make other staff have to take over the job or if there is no, work that accumulates after returning to health can stress again.

2. Unpleasant

environment The unpleasant work environment can also be a reason to look for new jobs. The environment in question is not only a place to work, but also colleagues and bosses. An unpleasant work atmosphere can make the work feel heavy so the results are not optimal.

Even worse if there is an emotional insecurity. This can be caused by unpleasant treatment from colleagues. This is the right reason to get out and look for a safer work environment.

3. Not in line with the boss

There are times when leaders or bosses no longer hold office and must be replaced by new bosses. Inevitably, adjustments are made for maximum performance. But what is the power, not everyone can follow the boss’s will or leadership style so that the dynamics of the work feel no longer enjoyable.

4. Difficult to adjust the schedule

Some people yearn for him to be able to arrange between work and family in such a way. In fact, some can’t do it. Jobs have diverse demands while there are families that often cannot be numbered.

If you find it difficult to adjust family needs and work schedules, it’s a good idea to find a new job. Leaving work because of a schedule problem that cannot be adjusted to be the right reason.

5. Non-

salary salaries are crucial in work. Salaries allow people to support themselves and have future savings. But if the salary obtained cannot meet the needs of even minus, then this is the right reason to move. Salary calculation is not only about clothing, shelter and food needs. Calculation of transportation to work locations also needs to be taken into account.

6. Further study

Now the work case is not only talking about expertise. Education education is inevitably the company’s consideration for hiring people. There are some who choose to take employee lectures to suit the needs of the company. There are also those who choose to go out in order to achieve higher education, such as from Strata 1 to Strata 2.

Those who decide to study further have to leave work, let alone take study abroad.

7. Finding new jobs

Another good reason for leaving the current job is finding a new job. This new job is felt to be more pleasant and fitting with education or expertise. Another reason, new companies offer better than those now starting from salaries and positions.

Updated: August 28, 2018 — 1:02 pm

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