7 Tips for First Interview for Fresh Graduate

The first interview is certainly the most thrilling moment for fresh graduates ; especially those who invite are multinational companies. Failure to interview can occur, but that does not mean success cannot be achieved. The reason is, everyone has the same opportunity to get a job.

By applying some of the first interview tips , all these problems can be overcome. Curious? Check out the full review, yeah!

Find Information About Companies That Invite You

The first step you have to do is look for company profile details. From the start of the product, the history of the establishment, the address, to the work culture in the office.

To get all that information, you can browse on the internet. Visit the official website, then learn whatever is written there. Or try asking someone who has applied for a job at the company. Thus, you are not confused when the interviewer asks about the company profile.

Come in a maximum of 15 minutes before the interview

Have you been interviewing the company for the first time? Come 15 minutes ahead of schedule. These tips can reduce nervousness when facing the personnel team in the interview room . Also creates a plus impression in the eyes of the interviewer — you are considered capable of being responsible for any task.

Wear clothes according to the character of the company

Who says, companies have the same dress culture? Some companies actually apply casual dress rules. However, the matter of footwear; all agreed to use shoes.

So, before you have to find out about the dress culture in the company. Strive, clothing that is used in accordance with company criteria – without leaving the values ​​of politeness and neatness.

Try to be calm and confident

Thomas Carlyle — a satirical writer and historian from Scotland — once said a saying about calmness. According to him, calmness is an element to form extraordinary things. You will see the miracle that happens when you are able to be calm in the face of the first interview.

Besides being calm, it must be accompanied by high confidence. If these two things come together in you, whatever interview questions can definitely be answered. Even free from nervousness, panic, or anxiety.

Give Answers According to the Interviewer Question

This section is often difficult for candidates to do when interviewing . However, you must be able to do it if you want to be accepted to work. Make sure all the answers given are in accordance with the question of the interviewing team. Focus — that’s the key to keeping your answers in control and orderly.

Tell About Your Self Ability

In interviews, questions about the candidate’s skills or expertise will surely be raised. For that, you must be ready to answer it. Provide information in accordance with the documents brought.

Then, explain appropriately — be low when describing your abilities. If you are too high-hearted, this will create a negative impression in the eyes of the interviewing team.

Don’t Ask for Salary Nominal
Knowing the salary in the company may be the right of job applicants. However, is it ethical to ask when interviewing?

Although not prohibited, avoid asking about salary at the beginning of the interview . There are companies that clearly explain honorarium per position, but some actually cover up. Because the salary is an internal problem of the company. You only need to believe, that management will provide fees according to the weight of the work.

Such are some of the first interview tips for fresh graduates that can be applied. If you still fail at this stage, try harder – don’t give up. Find as many job vacancies as possible through the Nigerian Recruitment Form. Then, see also the right tricks to get a job based on passion .

Updated: September 18, 2018 — 12:53 pm

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