8 Secrets to Learning to Speak English

In learning English, there are four things that must be understood by everyone who learns it so that he can truly be said to be fluent in English. Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking, all of these are elements in the English language that you must know clearly and continuously.

Reading , which is reading or a process where we see a series of written symbols, then we get the meaning of the written symbols to be spoken or understood.

Writing , which is writing or an activity where we see a series of letters or sentences, then we pour it into a piece of paper through a pen to save or read later.

Listening , which is listening or an activity where we put our ears to hear as well as understand the voices spoken by someone, objects, or anything that causes sounds.

Speaking , which is talking or an activity where we say word for word to be a sentence that contains expressions, opinions, suggestions, or any other purpose that will be heard by others.

Learn to Speak English

Well, as an initial method for learning English this time. So, specifically for this post we will discuss the 8 Secrets of Learning to Speak English so that all of you can understand about speaking from English. For Listening, Writing, and Reading, follow the upcoming posts, huh?

Speaking in English is an important element in learning English. By mastering the science of speaking English, of course we can communicate with anyone considering that English is one of the global languages ​​that is sure to be used by humans throughout the world.

This is the reason why the discussion about learning to speak English is the beginning that all of you must learn. Besides that, this is also the reason why we prepared 8 secrets to learning to speak English for you so you can understand it well.

Now, without needing to linger, for those of you who want to be able to master speaking in English, here are 8 secrets to learning to speak English that you must know and you do now:

1. The Secret to Learning to Speak English by listening to People Speak

To be able to master in terms of speaking English, one of the things that can be done is to listen to people speak. Yes, actually to learn something we really need an example. So, the example we can take to learn to speak English is to listen to other people talking.

Where can we listen to other people talking?

In this increasingly advanced era, of course we can easily find people who speak English using film, songs, or short videos on youtube. The point is, there is no reason for us to not be able to master English.

Everyone will love watching movies. Now, from watching a movie, we will hear how actors engage in dialogue using fluent and fluent English. We can copy it.

Everyone also likes to listen to songs . Now, from English songs spread all over the world, we can enjoy it while interpreting the meaning contained in these songs.

It’s great isn’t it? Learning can be done, uh, entertainment can also be obtained. Complete point!

2. The Secret of Learning to Speak English by Using Subtitles

Still related to the number one above, of course in learning English, we cannot really understand what the actor or singer is saying in saying English.

Therefore, subtitles here certainly help us greatly in improving the understanding of English. Yes, while watching movies and listening to songs, can we apply or apply what is said or sung while reading the subtitles?

Well, as the function of the subtitle itself is actually useful to guide us in understanding what someone is saying. So, make the best use of it for learning and learning. Surely you can if you want to master speaking using English.

So, want to learn or not?

Watch movies and listen to songs, not just for entertainment, but also as a learning medium!

3. The Secret of Learning to Speak English by Finding Meanings of Words

This third point is of course also related to the number one and two points above. When watching a movie or listening to a song while looking at the subtitles, sometimes we will feel confused by the meaning of the word being spoken. Therefore, if you encounter these problems, do not ever hesitate to open a dictionary or open Google translation.

One of the lessons to be able to master speaking using English is to say the sentence while finding out what the word means.

So, there is added value for all the processes above. In addition to increasing mastery of English pronunciation, we will also get additional new vocabulary that we will master later.

Wow, from the first three points above, we can already apply how to learn English pleasant, right? Got entertainment, mastered English, added vocabulary mastery, and also became good at speaking English.


4. Learn to Speak English by continuing to Exercise

To master something, it’s good for us to continue to do the exercises so that we can truly master it. We can also apply this method for speaking learning using English.

The more we diligently practice using English sentences, the sooner we will get used to mastering the English language. Well, for just additional tips, try doing this exercise at any time. If possible, make a schedule on days where you have to use English for daily activities. Many people have applied it.

If you can’t apply it yet, it’s important to try to keep practicing. However, the method is up to the obvious in one day, try to keep you from the English sentence.

If this point is applied in a disciplined and continuous manner, we believe, in a very fast time, you will be able to master English pronunciation.

5. Learn to Speak English by looking for tents to be the other person

In every learning, basically we always need a friend or tentor to help us to be able to justify or train to be smart. Well, to master the pronunciation in English, the presence of tentor or friends for the other person is also an important element that must be done.

With the presence of a friend or tentor for opponents to speak English, of course it will really help us to be able to master English pronunciation quickly.

Tentor or an interlocutor who speaks English will correct, help, and also improve if later, when talking, we accidentally say the wrong sentence, the order said.

Isn’t that profitable?

So, the more we have friends for the other person using English, the faster we are in mastering English pronunciation. Now, do you know that the existence of a friend is very important for our future gap?

6. Learn English without Grammar Gluing

Many say that grammar is an important element in mastering English.

Correct. That is true. However, do not let us stay fixated on grammar, remember, if we are just fixated on one thing, we will remain stuck on one thing without getting anything.

Well, to be able to be clever in speaking using English, of course we don’t need to be fixated on grammar. Basically, speaking in English doesn’t actually require great grammar, but what is needed is a solid vocabulary.

So, instead of continuing to emphasize yourself to be able to master grammar well, it is better for you to train yourself to speak in English, while strengthening the vocabulary you have.

That is clearer and will help you in launching English pronunciation.

7. Learn English and Don’t Be Afraid

Fear is the biggest barrier wall that can delay our success.

Yes, right.

Likewise in learning to be able to master English pronunciation. If fear is still within us and we are reluctant to practice speaking English sentences, of course we will never succeed in mastering speaking in English.

So, it would be nice when we really want to be able to speak fluently using English, we must first discard all the fear that is in the chest, for example:

‘Ah, can I not speak in English?

‘Oh, my speech in English isn’t cool’

Get rid of all these assumptions because in learning, wrong is a natural thing, less cool is a natural thing, and also bad is a natural thing. All can be fixed, but if we never start … what can be improved?

Spirit! Don’t be afraid to speak using English.

8. Learn to Speak English by Repeating the Steps

All step by step we have explained in detail in points one to seven above. Furthermore, to be able to speak using English sentences well and good, then the step you have to do is to keep repeating the steps we have given above.

There is no instant thing to get. So, keep doing what we have given above. Learning from movies and songs, learning from subtitles, learning from dictionaries, learning from friends or peers, learning without fear, etc. above are the secrets of learning to speak English from us that you can apply.

If you have done all the steps above and keep repeating it smoothly, then, congratulations. You have been good at speaking in English.

All the descriptions above are 8 secrets of learning to speak English that you must know and you apply as well as possible. All indeed need a process and effort in every achievement. So, for those of you who want to speak English well … Apply immediately.

Oh yeah, don’t forget to convey all these secrets to your closest friends and relatives so that everyone can speak English. In this increasingly advanced era, English is one of the important languages ​​that must be mastered. Don’t want your friends and relatives left behind, right?

Congratulations on learning and good luck for all of us!

Updated: September 6, 2018 — 2:40 pm

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