An easy way to get a job before graduating from college.

You might have thought “how do you get a job before graduation?”


Working doesn’t have to wait for college. Not even graduation, you can get a job.

That is to say, before you have a diploma that marks your graduation, it is not impossible to get a job as you wish.

But as with other job seekers you must be ready to enter the workforce, in the sense of having at least the ability to work.

Then how do you get a job even though you are still in college?

Become a freelancer

Applying for work before graduation in a large office or company is sometimes not a good thing without proper consideration.

Because of that being a freelancer is much loved by students who are still waiting for graduation.

Working does not have to wear formal suits, shoes, suits and the like.

This job is very suitable for students because it is not tied to working hours and can be done anywhere.

There are many freelancers jobs like writers, bloggers, translators and the like.

Try one that suits what you like. So that your work feels more fun considering you still have to do college assignments.

Learn to be a good looking person

A person will judge others spontaneously through his appearance.

Because from now on, learn to dress up neatly, dress and dress up neatly will show your seriousness in applying for a job.

Don’t let you look bad looking when applying especially considering you haven’t graduated yet.

Try apprenticeship first

Before working fully because you don’t have a diploma, try apprenticeship first.

Try an internship in the office that requires the skills you have, they will feel very helpful.

Who knows, after you graduated, you were immediately appointed as a permanent employee there.

Expand contacts, make extensive networking

Get acquainted with people will make you easier to get information about job openings.

Or maybe one of your acquaintances needs workers according to the skills you have in the family owned company. It will be easier right?

Show your professionalism in social media

In this digital age you need to know that before being accepted to work, companies often check and evaluate someone from their social media.

So it would be nice to correct your status in social media with a useful status.

Do not confide and be confused with uncertainty.

Because someone’s maturity can be judged from the way they comment, status updates and others on social media.

Jobfair is a golden opportunity for you

Almost in every city or campus held a jobfair event because of that, try to attend, no need to immediately submit a job application.

Try asking questions to companies that offer vacancies.

What does the company need?
What skills are needed?
And others.

Prepare everything.

If you apply for a job before graduation, let you go.

You better prepare to find the real job after graduation.
While waiting for graduation, practice the skills you have. Someday there must be someone in need of what you can.

Keep spirit.

Get Up.

Updated: September 29, 2018 — 7:20 am

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