How to Apply for Bank of Industry Trader Moni Loan Scheme 2019 @

Are you aware of the BOI Trader Moni scheme 2019? We have many readers who are aware but they do not know about ongoing Bank of Industry Trader Moni Loan Scheme 2019/2020.

Here on this page you will find all the necessary information about this Loan Scheme so that you can apply successfully for the Trader Moni Program 2019.

Bank of Industry has set a target of 2 million Trader Moni beneficiaries across the country from now and the end of the year.

What is Trader Moni Scheme?

trader moni loan

One of the obstacles faced by small traders is limited capital. In order to overcome these problems, business capital loans are usually an alternative to increase production levels.

Trader Moni is a loan scheme which is launched by Bank of Industry. It is specially designed for small traders across the country. BOI is offering collateral free loans to help small traders. Collateral free loans mean that you can collect loans without submitting any property.

The very strategic role of Small Traders in national economic development makes the government and various other parties like Bank of Industry Trader pay more attention to their existence and development.

However, the lack of business portfolio and the lack of collateral assets that are owned is usually an obstacle for pilot businesses to meet bank requirements.

But now  through Trader Moni Loan Scheme there is an opportunity for pilot businesses to obtain business capital without collateral.

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Who is Eligible to Collect Loans?

eligible for boi trader moni loan

This is special loan scheme designed for petty traders.

It is a mobile driven scheme launched in partnership with the Bank of Industry (BIO) in order to enlarge government’s financial inclusion agenda down to grassroots, the bottom of ladder, considering the contribution of petty traders to economist development.

Loan interested candidates have to go to any mobile agent and need to supply required details. The mobile agent will captured and feed your details and sent to Bank’s system. It is special application form designed for Trader Moni Program. Within 48 hours of supplying details the traders gets cash notification or credit alert in his/her mobile wallet account.

How much Loan can I get from the Trader Moni?

how much loan from trader moni

The minimum amount of loan is N10,000 and maximum is N50,000. How much loan can it get depends on the traders ability to pay back the loan within the 6 months grace period.

The Executive Director of Bank of Industry, Toyin Adeniji explained that a starter can access N10,000 and pay back N10,250 to qualify for N15000.

Once a trader who pay bank N15,375 will be automatically qualified for N20,000 and when trader pay back N21,000 will be qualified for N50,000. This means new trader can apply for minimum amount and if he pay back will be qualified for next slab.

How do I get loan money?

There are two main ways to get the loan money.

According to the first method money will be transferred directly to the beneficiary traders’ bank account. And according to the second method, the money will be transferred in the mobile agent’s account and you will be able to collect cash from it.

How to Apply for Bank of Industry Trader Moni Loan Scheme 2019/2020 @

apply trader moni loan 2019

All interested traders can apply online for BOI Trader Moni Loan 2018/2019. Below are easy steps and by following these you can easily apply.

  • The very first step is to visit Bank of Industry Portal i.e.
  • Once website loaded successfully navigate it carefully
  • Click on “Apply for Loan” link
  • There will be three options (1. Business Loan Application, 2. NCI Fund Portal and 3. KAD-STEP Loan)
  • Click on “Register Here” link
  • Read Eight(08) important points before you commence your application on this platform
  • Heading of these points are (1.Mandate, 2. Entities that BOI Finances, 3. Items that BOI can Finance, 4.Mode of disbursement. 5. Amount that can be financed by BOI, 6.Collaterial requirement, 7. Startup Business and 8. List of Documents support your application.)
  • Select loan amount and nature of business
  • Fill Trader Loan Application Form 2018/2019 correctly
  • Recheck all details and click on “Register” link
  • After this a mail will be sent to your registered email address confirming receipt of the application form.

For more updates on for Bank of Industry Trader Moni Loan Scheme 2019/2020 subscribe our website and also visit website regularly.

Updated: January 17, 2019 — 7:24 am


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  1. When someone wants to start a definite business that will first think of is capital. Without capital, a business will not run smoothly. Business capital must be proportional to the type of business that will be initiated. The greater the business the greater the capital needed. Even to start a business you are not reluctant to seek loans to cooperatives or banks. However, also not a few people ask to get a loan-free trick. Of course this article will try to answer your questions.

    Thanks to share important article on How to Apply for Bank of Industry Trader Moni Loan Scheme 2018/2019 @

  2. I agree with the concept of Trader Moni Loan Scheme 2019, but I also think that even the bank ank of Industry – still count too much on the unpreparedness and ingenuity of the majority of Small and medium-sized enterprises. So much so that many banks are not very good cause choices. Bankers are very good. Over the years I have not seen much of a difference in management,
    certainly the banks have played their power over the weaknesses of Small and medium-sized enterprises. (Only the power of money and not the market and entrepreneur market capacity wins). This is my very modest opinion

  3. hello I’m a small business owner in NIgeria. I am interested in Bank of Industry Trader Moni Loan 2019/2020. I would add that in my opinion the low capitalization derives from the excessive and above all uncertain weight of taxes that reduces income to invest and sometimes makes it disappear! .. recent economic sweats claimed that the apple if it had been in Nigeria would have a much lower capitalization than it has.
    The real problem is that an industrial policy is lacking and rightly nobody feels safe to invest money even in “own” companies.
    in reality, the companies in Nigeria for the legal nature that they have .. are of the State!

  4. I am want to start small trading business in Nigeria and I need loan so tell me if I am eligible for BOI Trader Moni Loan 2019/2020. I am a Nigerian Citizen

  5. I applied and get the BOI loan in 2018/2019. I get collateral free loans. My business is doing very well with the help of this loan amount. I will recommend to all petty traders of Nigeria to use this facility and take trader moni loan in 2019/2020. I will again apply after completion of previous loan.


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