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AYEEN 2019 Registration: Business ideas always arise, but sometimes people do not have the necessary funds to carry them out.

Are you one of those Nigerians who have great business idea but have no funds to start it?

How can we get funds to start our business? That is a great question that many Young Nigerian entrepreneurs ask themselves when they want to execute their business idea.

If you are serious and passionate about this business idea, Africa’s Young Entrepreneurs Empowerment Nigeria is ready to help you. You can apply today for AYEEN Registration 2019 and you will get funds if your idea approved. Along with this you will be given expert advice and mentorship.

You just need to present your business idea in Ayeen Registration Form. During the registration of your business idea you must make clear your passion for it , so that those who check your form know that you will give everything for everything to make the idea go forward.

What is AYEEN?

www.ayeen.ng portal

Africa’s Young Entrepreneurs Empowerment Nigeria was conceived to effectively use the young Nigerian entrepreneur’s mind. It was started in 2014 (5 years ago). It has received praise from stakeholders, government officials, industry captains, global business giants and other guests over the past four years. The program has been recognized as the leading entrepreneurial empowerment program in Africa since then. Visit AYEEN portal www.ayeen.ng portal to know about this program, testimonial record, , Awards etc.

What is Ayeen 2019 Registration Program?

ayeen registration

Having a business of your own is indeed a dream of every person. Especially in today’s era where all costs of living needs continue to increase and of course requires everyone to be able to have a balanced income with the increasing expenditure.

It will be a waste if someone who has good abilities and a good business strategy but is not equipped with sufficient business funds.

If you have smart business idea then no need to worry about funds.

Africa’s Young Entrepreneurs Empowerment Nigeria Scheme to give funds to Nigerian individuals who have a Smart Business Idea.

How to Register for AYEEN 2019?

ayeen 2019 registration

  • First login to Ayeen Nigeria Portal: ayeen.ng portal
  • Read about Africa’s Young Entrepreneurs Empowerment Nigeria carefully
  • Click on AYEEN application form link: https://ayeen.ng/ayeen-2019-registration/
  • Fill registration form carefully and submit
  • Follow A.Y.E on all social media platformsFACEBOOK: Africa’s Young Entrepreneurs
    TWITTER: @ayeorganisation
    INSTAGRAM: africasyoungentrepreneurs
  • Your application will be reviewed and if approved further information will be sent to you via email.

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Updated: February 27, 2019 — 11:01 am

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  1. Good morning,please can I get funding to purchase government securities-Bond
    Is a safe investment and guaranty ROI
    Acknowledge receipt,please
    Thanks in anticipation of your kind response

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