Become a Potential Candidate in the World of Work with These 7 Skills

At present, certain education, training, networks and expertise can make you a potential candidate in the world of job. If you join a company that cares about human resource development, you are lucky. But, there are many companies that don’t care about that. This is where you have to be proactive to develop your own capacity as a professional. As Warren Buffet said, “Invest in much of yourself as you can, you are your own biggest asset by far.”

Here are some skills that you can invest for yourself:

  1. Expand Your Network. Believe, This Is Not Just A Theory

You must have often heard the advice of successful professionals about the importance of building an extensive network in the world of work. If you still think that this is just a mere theory, it’s time to change your mind. Network, is a very high selling point in the world of job. Believe it or not, there are many people in the world who are employed with high salaries, specifically for the networks they have. So, take the time to chat and establish relationships with professionals engaged in the same field as you, the management of various companies and other potential sources. One day, they will definitely be an “investment” that is very valuable to you.

  1. A champion in marketing is not just the domain of marketers

You might think that only people who job in marketing or sales are the ones who need to learn marketing skills. But believe me, this ability to negotiate needs to be owned by everyone. Whatever your field of work, even if you are always behind the desk, marketing skills are a plus. Imagine this skill as a super ability to make people do what you want, in an elegant way, of course.

  1. Become an Expert in Digital

In this digital era, you don’t have to wait to become a Digital Specialist to understand the basic things about the digital world. Mastering at least a number of things related to the digital world is mandatory in the present, especially in the next few years.

For example for marketing personnel, it is important to know the difference between SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing). The development of all-digital companies (just look at how many company policies are starting to digitize), will make those who cannot adapt to the times developments be eliminated. Instead, imagine how valuable you are who has this ability in the eyes of the company later.

  1. Learn Other Foreign Languages ​​Other Than English

Having foreign language skills is clearly one of the pluses in the world of job. Especially if you master a foreign language other than English. Britain is indeed a universal language , but now, there are already many people who master the language of Uncle Sam. So, try developing your language skills with languages ​​from other countries. Anyway, there is no harm, you know, learning a foreign language directly at the embassy of the country concerned. For example studying Italian at the Istituto Italiano or German at the Goethe-Institut and Dutch at Erasmus Huis. In addition to gaining new skills, you also have the opportunity to get other plus points such as learning about the culture of other countries as well as gaining a wider community and network (who knows there are those who can help you in your career – Read number one!).

  1. Learn the Many Wanted Skills (Even if You Don’t Work in That Field!)

Learning skills that are sought after by many people will increase your value in the professional sphere. These skills may not be related to the job  you are currently doing, but why not? For example, learn how to operate Adobe Photoshop, even though you actually job as a marketing manager who doesn’t need to know how to design or layout. These new skills will help you make an attractive presentation, so the chances of receiving ideas get bigger. In the end, you get a promotion to a new position that you have never thought of. Or, maybe this will make you the target of the head hunters who are looking for potential candidates.

  1. Want to Take a Master’s Degree? Try to Consider Online Lectures

Adding an academic degree is a quick way to increase your position in the eyes of the company. Generally, companies will provide salary adjustments when you get a new degree. Unfortunately, lecture hours often clash with office hours. Some universities do have afternoon classes or weekend classes for professionals who want to take academic degrees without sacrificing their daily work. But there are still several campuses that require students to study at traditional hours, such as morning and afternoon. If this happens, consider taking an online course .

  1. Improve Your Expertise by Taking Certification

Taking a certificate according to the field of work will obviously add to your value in the eyes of the boss and the company. For example, if you are a professional in Accounting, try taking a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) certification, CA (Chartered Account), CPMA (Certified Professional Management Accountants) to increase your potential. While those who are engaged in the insurance sector are advised to take a certificate at the Insurance Expert Association and Indonesian Management Certification Institute.

Whatever your current job and position, remember that successful people in this world are those who have never stopped learning new things. How, ready to invest for yourself and achieve dreams?

Updated: August 11, 2018 — 2:27 pm

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