Being Yourself is the Key. Let’s Start Now More Personal Development with Yourself

It is important to foster self-confidence as a strong foundation to be able to show yourself optimally. Humans are born unique and different from each other complete with all the advantages that God gives as provision for life.

Humans in childhood, always listen to their own voice filled with dreams and the desire to be a big change in the world.

As time goes by, we are faced with a variety of situations and choices until finally we focus on what people think of ourselves and stop listening to our own voices.

Encompassed by many voices from others, slowly diminishing self-confidence, not infrequently there was an identity crisis. this is very crucial because when we are unable to believe in ourselves, it has an impact on what we do. Suicide for example, when someone is under intense pressure, he is trapped in the perception of how others judge him. he did not have enough self-confidence so that he felt like a failure because other people thought it was a failure, but not necessarily! Suicide rates continue to increase day by day.

WHO reports, every 20 seconds someone commits suicide.

In this fast technology era many studies have proven that the reasons and factors of a person commit suicide one of them is due to psychological illness. In this case, in addition to medical action, self-confidence is needed coupled with intrapersonal communication with consistent and continuous intensity to help prevent, restore and even improve mentally.

The decline of self-confidence cannot be separated from changes, both in the social environment or global environment. A dilemma that can cause conflict for yourself. On the one hand, we have no choice but to adapt to the social dynamics that are much influenced by the progress of times and technology. On the other hand our inability to accept the changes that come slowly little by little makes us busy on things that are not yet clear.

As a result, we unwittingly just follow what most people do.

Self-confidence can be a companion in all changes if we always give a special room to listen to what we say. With sufficient levels, confidence becomes a spectrum of health and mental wealth. No need to be afraid if you make a lot of mistakes, at least, we are wrong in what we want to do, rather than what we have to say.

A realistic way of life when you make a mistake and then know how to do it right, feeling the difficult process continuously is also part of life maturation.

in essence, we are never free from
unpleasant conditions and throughout their lives, humans are not always at the
same level , it depends on how we treat ourselves to
achieve the vision and mission.

Then the only thing we can trust is ourselves. Slowly but surely, the confidence that continues to be nurtured and developed will bring us to the courage to create change.

Updated: September 30, 2018 — 10:25 am

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