CV Errors Commonly Used by Applicants in Marketing

When applying for a job, the first to be seen from recruiters as a consideration is a good resume and curriculum vitae (CV). In CV, applicants will surely display a variety of information that is considered crucial to be considered for employment.

Especially for those of you who apply for marketing or marketing, the criteria are somewhat different. As the person responsible for marketing the product or recruitment service, the impression that is displayed must be more convincing. What are some of the mistakes commonly made by job applicants in the field of marketing in their CV?

1. Slightly

As a marketing expert, keep in mind that you are also marketing yourself and recruiters are the first to be convinced. A good marketing expert will create a CV like a very convincing bid proposal.

2. Wrong Target

A true marketer must know who the target market is to achieve its goals appropriately. As well as writing a CV, all information displayed must be in accordance with the profile and criteria desired by the recruiter.

Telling in a solid and concise information or experience relevant to the recruitment company will make the applicant look more credible to be immediately accepted to work.

3. Don’t Know the Value of Yourself

Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses. In the world of work, the advantages possessed will be adjusted to the position needed. So an applicant must know the strengths and weaknesses of himself and what can be contributed to the recruitment company.

4. Forgetting Strategy

When applying for a job, CV is the first weapon to enter the battlefield. The difference is, CV must also have its own strategy to display information about the applicant who makes the recruiter interested in giving jobs. This means important information structures such as personal values, work experiences that are compatible with the company being applied to other aspects that stand out.

5.. Focus on Profits

A good marketer will not sell the product by displaying the benefits, but focus on the features that are owned so that it is beneficial for the buyer. Just like a CV, don’t focus too much on the aspects of the benefits you want to get. Highlight all of your strengths that are useful for the position so that recruiters feel there are many benefits that can be gained if you have you on the team.

Updated: August 28, 2018 — 12:59 pm

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