Difference between Men and Women in the World of Work

VERY fun if we can work with male colleagues. The difference between men and women, especially in the field of communication, often makes us laugh and becomes an interesting material to discuss at work. It also helps women to better understand and appreciate how God created men.

What is clear, the following opinion is not to generalize the differences between men and women. However, despite this, there are always exceptions based on gender. In general, the differences between men and women in the world of work are as follows:

Difference 1: How to
think Men’s mindset tends to be based on facts, while women tend to be on the concepts and relationships of relationships. Women’s enthusiasm is the same as the subway system, which is interconnected, while the spirit of men is like a ship above the ocean that sails from point A to point B.

Difference 2: How to Rule
Men tend to be more assertive, while women are more subtle but with emphasis at the end of the sentence. On the one hand they try to maintain harmony, but on the other hand they emphasize such words as at the end of sentences like, “You can, right?”

Difference 3: Sorting
Men can work with people they don’t like. Women generally find it difficult to work with people they don’t like. This is because men can sort out, “Job, yes, work.” Conversely, women in doing things always connect one thing to another. For example, it could happen that they cannot work with X who often jokes in a rude manner.

Difference 4: Expressing Feelings
When a man wants to express his feelings, they will talk to his wife or lover. At least, to the closest person. While women can express their feelings to anyone, not always to people who are close to him, either to fellow workers or to fellow women who are both in line at the cashier. Even doctors and haircutter can tell stories freely.

Difference 5: Approach when there is a problem
When facing a problem, a man will think to find a solution. For women, it is not enough just to think about the problems faced. Women need someone to listen to their complaints even though the person does not always have to give a solution. Men need solutions. Men like to solve problems, not just talk about them.

Difference 6: Purpose
Both men and women want to achieve their goals, but each has a different way. Men tend to focus on the end result and are interested in the way business is achieved. Women focus more on achieving goals and tend to consider other people’s judgments. If in a meeting there are two men who argue with each other with exclamation, then that does not mean they hate each other. Difference

Difference 7: Comments
Men can comment candidly and cut off other people’s conversations if they want to comment, while women tend to be more sensitive and careful. Therefore, if you ask an opinion from a male partner, they will immediately give their opinion. If you don’t like and are angry with their honesty, it’s hard for them to understand your reaction. Don’t forget, the opinions they give are indeed opinions that are not directed at the person because basically they do not intend to attack personally. Difference

Difference 8: Asking Questions
Men rarely ask questions. And if they ask, usually to get information. Women often ask questions but for two reasons, namely to obtain information and to maintain a relationship. That is why women often ask questions that they actually know the answer to. Difference

Difference 9: How to Call
In general, men talk shorter on the phone. Instead, women like to chat. Now, you already understand the difference, right? But don’t forget, that doesn’t mean that one is better than the other. Naturally, men are more forthright. whereas women are more sensitive and tend to pay more attention to the importance of a relationship. Different styles of men and women will actually be able to complement each other so that better cooperation is established with the openness and understanding of both parties.

Updated: August 21, 2018 — 1:41 pm

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