Education or Work Experience?

Have you checked recruitment in Nigeria today? Besides requiring applicants to have a minimum degree of S1, what other qualifications are required by applicants? Yes, it’s true, work experience of at least one or two years.

Job vacancies that require experience are indeed not something that is foreign to our ears. The problem is, how are those who have just graduated and want to get a job immediately, if there are only a few years of work experience in their job openings? Confused, right?

This clearly proves that the provision of scholarship and education alone will never be enough to go into the community, or in this case seek employment. In fact, companies prefer to recruit employees who already have work experience in related fields. This is reasonable, because the company also considers aspects such as:

  • Knowledge of job applicants will be the ins and outs of the industry / business field they are applying for
  • Those who are experienced are considered more capable and accustomed to solving problems while looking for solutions than those who do not
  • Understand how ethics and conduct are in the work environment

Not All Companies Require Work Experience

The good news, not all companies require work experience as the number one qualification that must be fulfilled by the applicant. In fields such as science and technology there are still many business entities that want to accept employees or employees with minimal work experience, even zero.

The positive side of recruitment in this way is that employees will not be easily overtaken by those who rely solely on work experience, because after all that experience is not accompanied by an increase in knowledge about the field of work that is occupied will not produce anything, even increasing career levels.

So, Which Is More Important? Education or Work Experience?

To answer the question about “which is more important, education or work experience alone?”, There are many points that must be broken down, one of which is the company and the business field that we are targeting.

As a job seeker, often you are made dilemmatic with the package requirements requested by the recruiter, for example a bachelor’s degree plus work experience. The point is, what if it turns out you only have one of the two? Once again, companies apply such conditions because they are trying to reduce losses until the numbers are as small as possible.

“If you can have employees who are educated as well as experienced, why look for others?”, That is in the minds of the job recruiters. There is nothing wrong with that. It has indeed become their rights and provisions as a business entity.

If You Are Experienced Enough but Lack of Education

For Jobs Nigerian’s friends who already have enough experience, they might be able to “patch up” the lack of education levels by continuing to school to the level required by the company.

Remember, the more here the company will grow. If you are lazy to upgrade yourself (one way to go to school), don’t blame anyone if someone overtakes you one day. Now there are many educational institutions that allow students to arrange their class schedules as they wish.

Have a Bachelor’s Degree but Lack of Experience? This is the tip

For friends who have just graduated from college ( fresh graduate ) and still have no work experience, don’t worry, there are still many job opportunities for you. While waiting to get a job call, it’s good to spend time with useful things like:

  • Search for Internship Opportunities

Internships are one of the smartest solutions for fresh graduates (both diploma / undergraduate and high school / vocational high school graduates) who have not experienced enough in the world of work. In addition to polishing the contents of the CV, through your internship you can also learn to adapt to the company’s work environment.

The internship itself is paid and not, that is the right of the company. Even if you don’t get paid, just take the positive side: you have work experience. Sometimes, those who are apprenticed can increase their status to contract employees because employers see their good work.

  • Get involved in many activities

To further sharpen soft skills , from now on involve yourself in many positive activities, whether they are relevant or not with the job position you want. In addition to giving its own experience, volunteer activities like this will also usually add value during job interviews.

  • Build Network

Sustenance can come from anywhere, especially from school / college friends and organizations. Therefore, it is important for you to start actively building a good network of friends with them. Besides exchanging knowledge and ideas, you can also get information about job vacancies from them.

Education or work experience ? The answer is back to each of you. Don’t forget to keep improving yourself so you can get a dream job. So that the spirit of job hunting is getting higher, let’s visit the Nigeria Recruitment Form portal

Updated: September 20, 2018 — 2:57 pm

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