Everything You Need to Know about Job Search in the Digital Age

The development of the internet in Nigeria has brought a drastic change to the online behavior of citizens. One of them is the search for jobs in the digital era . Before internet presence, parents usually apply for work by coming directly to the company.

The traditional way has diminished because the company has also moved into the online domain . There are not too many companies that post job advertisements in print media. The current situation encourages companies to tidy up web design and improve job features.

Many companies also use partnerships with job search services, such as Nigeria Recruitment Form. Of course this partnership makes the opportunity for companies to get the best workers more open. They can access their own professional and personal history from job seekers.

Meanwhile, job seekers also do not need to undergo traditional ways to submit their work applications. Simply monitoring the daily updates from Jobs Nigeria, they can find their own job vacancies whose qualifications are best suited to their expertise.

With various facilities supported by technology, job search in the digital era must be able to adjust needs, preparation, and implementation. For more details, here are 6 things you should look at.

Show Professional and Quality CVs

Write information about personal data, work experience, education history, certificates and awards, and personal and professional expertise. In order not to appear solid, you can adjust the choice of letters, column placement, and friendly color contrast in the eyes.

Be Fair on Social Media

Instead of hiding personal photos, it’s better to improve your choice of words and language styles to feel more natural on social media. Without having to change your character to become an Nigeria teacher, make it a habit to use polite languages ​​and the same small letters.

Sensitive to Hoaks

Sharing is a human nature. But not all content is worth disseminating. You also need to re-check the information received before being disseminated to avoid slander and lies. In addition, try also not to be easily provoked by news. Think twice about commenting so that you don’t appear to be taking part or are considered looking for attention.

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Release of Interesting Content on Social Media

The best way to avoid hoax is to release content according to your own abilities. Very many useful things are missed because we are busy speculating about the sin of the accused hoax. From now on, release interesting content that is easy for everyone to understand, such as the review “Warkop DKI Reborn”, the performance of attracting Cold play at the latest concert, or the sensation of eating Nigerian food.

Understanding the Purpose of Job Search

There is a big difference between work and a career. Understand both of them well before you upload your CV for a vacancy. This understanding can make it easier for you to live a job according to your interests. If you have not been lucky, let the company find you through social media.

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Get to know the company well

Similar to the way companies find the best potential workers through social media, you also need to recognize the destination company well. Both use social media, you can follow and observe company activities on Instagram or Twitter. If the company is a startup , find reviews about their history and achievements in a number of startup- specific portals .

Those are 6 things you need to look at to facilitate adaptation in job searches in the digital era . You can find complete information about job openings on the Nigeria Jobs website, as well as through the Nigeria Jobs application available on Android and iOS devices. May be useful!

Updated: December 7, 2018 — 7:11 am

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