Example of a Good and Right Job Application Letter

Job application letter is a factor that is arguably so influential for the stage of life of everyone. Why is that? Because for almost all companies today requires every applicant to write a job application letter properly.

Some of the company bosses are so enthusiastic about questioning your application letter. Even though there are some who don’t really care about what you write. But to anticipate we should give a good and correct shipment. Don’t give careless writing. We just pass just safe way.

Many job application tips are accepted , one of which is your first introduction to the company that you are targeting, namely through a good and correct application letter. Even though the job application letter contains only a few sentences that are not throughout the novel, the job application letter is a brief reflection about how you are.

If the job application letter you sent is good and right, at least it will be a positive value, even though your experience is still raw. Then you have to knock through the front door, which is an interesting job application letter.

Then, how do tips on writing a cover letter ??

In writing a job application letter, you should as much as possible maximize the sentence provided in A4 paper. The shortcomings of us are not assertive and too much dribbling in carrying the message that you will convey. that is not good.

Write as short, clear and solid. Don’t go around and around like someone straying. Also pay attention to the use of a good word. The correct reading mark is according to the enhanced spelling. Do not even use social media to apply for a job.

Why, is it difficult? Of course not as long as we want to learn. There are many examples of job applications on Google. You just want to choose which one is appropriate. Consider it well before sending.

Here we will provide an alternative that might be your reference in making a job application letter. Hopefully you will be helped by our posts.

We try to provide the most relevant. Our hope is to be able to break up your confusion. To be accepted in the company you are applying for. Bus is impressed and then gets the job that is desired.

Next we will present some examples of job application letters :

Example of Job Application Letter

Subject: Application for Employment


Mr. / Mrs. Personnel

Company Name & Address

Dear Sir,

In accordance with the information about job openings (advertisement details). I intend to apply for a job and join a company that you are leading. The part of the work I mean is the Marketing section with code (MG) in the company PT. Pertamina.

The following is my brief biodata:


Place / Date. born:

Last Education:


telephone number:

And at this time I am in a healthy condition, both physically and spiritually. Besides that my English skills are very fluent. Honesty is always my priority in work, and my educational background is quite satisfying, and I can also operate several computer software properly, such as Lotus Spreedsheet, MS Office Word, Excel, Access and several other office software.

For consideration, I attach some data, including:

Curriculum Vitae Photocopy of

Bachelor’s Degree Certificate

Copy of Value Transcript Copy of the latest 3 × 4 Photo

Course and Training Certificate

An opportunity to interview from Mr. / Mrs. Personnel I really hope that I can explain in more detail about my potential and abilities that can be useful for the company that you are currently leading.

I inform you about this job application letter, thank you for the cooperation and attention of Mr. / Mrs. Personnel.

Best regards,

Thus I made this job application letter with truth and honesty, and for your attention and cooperation from you / my leader, thank you very much.

Best regards,

There are so many other examples that you can get at other online library centers, we only present a small portion. For that we apologize if the sample job application letter that we post does not fulfill what you expect. And for the name of the company, the name of the person, the address is only an example and does not mean anything except for disguise and indeed I have not had breakfast so it is rather floating.

Good luck.

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