Here’s How to Send Job Application Emails

Technological sophistication continues to grow and is increasingly used in all fields. Including the work world. Previous article, we already know about the world of work on the Internet. This time we will utilize technological sophistication to send job application e- mail letters . Of course with this facility we will feel the process of applying for jobs that are very efficient.

Write a job application letter via email

Basically the structure and method of writing a cover letter that will be sent via email has the same structure as a written job application letter usually. There are two writing formats that can be done, the first is to write it in the ms file . Word, and attach it when sending email .

While the second is by writing it in the body of the email . What is different is that the job application letter on this email body does not use the intended format and place, because it has already been included in the email submission section .

So what was written in the job application letter for this email only wrote,

  • Regards
  • Content of letter
  • Closing
  • Signature


With respect,

In accordance with information on blogs / websites on the internet, that “Your Company” requires several job vacancies in the computer operator category, then the undersigned, I:

Name :  ABC
Address :  Lagos, Nigeria
Date of birth :  13-04-1990
Education :  Graduate
I intend to fill vacancies in the job. Together, I attach a curriculum vitae and other supporting data as consideration in the form of attachments.

If desired, I am willing to fulfill your call to be tested and interviewed. As for your attention, I thank you very much.

Best regards,


Some things that must be prepared in sending a job application via email

  1. Prepare the required documents

Some documents must be available digitally, so prepare all documents by scanning. Examples of some documents that must be prepared include,

Application letter (if the application letter is in the form of attachment file)
curriculum vitae
ID card
Passport photo
Other documents such as certificates (important only)

  1. Make sure the e – mail address is valid

Check the source of information from where the email address came from. Make sure if the email address is official and is valid. Usually emails official and valid that use hosting email -owned companies, for example and others. This is to avoid unwanted things.

However, if the e – mail address used turns out to use general hosting such as Gmail or Yahoo , just make sure that the source of information obtained is truly reliable.

  1. Other requirements determined by the company

Because of its digital nature, we must really understand if there are other requirements desired by the company we are applying for. Such as the provision of filling in the email subject , other documents that must be included, and so forth.

By complying with what is requested, this will facilitate the identification of each incoming job email . Thus, the job application email that you submit can be accepted and have a greater chance of reading.

How to send a job application email

Just simple tips, do not first write an email address at the destination address. This is to minimize sent accidentally, while the contents of the email are still messy. So how do I send a job application email ? The following sequence.

Open the email writing form

Open the email writing form based on the account used. If you don’t have an account, please make it first. It doesn’t matter whether you want to use it from Yahoo or Gmail, both are as good.

Tip: We recommend using an email account that uses your official name. Example , or

Prepare various documents

If the job application letter is written on the body of the email , please write it first until it’s complete. If everything is ready, upload the various document files to the attachment.

Make sure all files are uploaded properly, and can be opened.

Write an email subject

Based on my personal experience, usually the HRD team or the team that handles the acceptance of new employees will require writing a subject with a specific title. Example of a Marketing Team Application, or Management Team.

This is to facilitate the HRD team to identify which emails contain job applications and which are not. Because of that you have to be careful, because if you mistakenly fill in the subject of the email , the email you send will never be read.

Check again

Check again, whether all completeness and requirements have been met. Make sure the files uploaded can be opened and not corrupted.

Write the e – mail address you want to send and send

Thus, the e-mail has been sent and you have successfully sent a job application e-mail.

By mastering how to send the right job application email , you can send applications anywhere without a limited distance. It’s a good idea to learn how to send a job application letter in English so that the opportunity to work is more wide open.

Updated: August 16, 2018 — 3:48 pm

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