Holland Visa Lottery 2019 Types, Requirements, Form, Terms etc.

In this article, you will find valuable information related to Holland Visa Lottery 2019 / Netherland Visa Lottery 2019/2019 such as types of visas, requirements, how to apply etc.

Types of Holland Visa Lottery

holland visa lottery types

Get to know the types of Holland Visa Lottery and their uses. It will be very important to know the various types of visas that are available. This is to make it easier in terms of filing visa applications later. Because if it’s wrong in the submission even though the various conditions are met, surely the visa will be refused. You will certainly be disappointed. Therefore avoid mistakes in terms of visa making by studying the information below.

If you are accustomed to traveling abroad, of course you are very familiar with this one word. Visa is a licensing document for someone who wants to travel between countries. Without a visa you cannot enter and settle in a country. Holland Visa Lottery have several types, this time we will discuss the types of visas and their uses.

The types of Holland Visa Lottery and their uses are divided into several types, including:

Netherlands Temporary visit visa for family visits / Relatives permits

This type of Holland Visa Lottery is used for those of you who have a family abroad. Usually if you are going to visit them, you are required to arrange this visa first. The maximum time that can be submitted is usually 90 days / 3 months. The requirements for making it compared to other visas are invitations from your family in the destination country. And a statement that your family will be responsible for the duration of your stay in that country.

Netherlands Temporary visit visa for tourist / Tourist Visa destinations

Maybe this is one of the most well-known visas and is the one most proposed. If people vacation abroad can be sure to use this visa. This type of Holland Visa Lottery will be used when you are planning a vacation abroad. Armed with this tourist visit visa, you will be allowed to enter the destination country. Anyone can submit as long as they fulfill the conditions for applying for a visa

Netherlands Temporary visit visa for business / Business Visa purposes

For those of you business people, there is often a need that requires a business trip to another country. With this type of Holland Visa Lottery, you will get convenience when going on a business trip to the destination country. For example, there is a need for a business seminar, visiting an exhibition or a cooperation agreement with a company.

Netherlands Work Visa Lottery / Work Visa Lottery

On this type of visa, the holder is allowed to work as an employee of a company in the destination country. The work visa itself has many more types. Temporary, Semi-permanent or permanent employment. Depending on the length of the work, this work visa will be changed to a residence permit, given the period of work which sometimes lasts for years.

This work visa can also be a gateway to permanent residence permits. Or Permanent Resident (PR). On other occasions the work visa permit is limited to the length of the employment contract and may not be extended. For example in the case of most migrant workers who work abroad. After the contract expires, they must go back to their homeland before applying for the next work visa.

Netherlands Transit Visa Lottery

This visa is used if you want to transit in a country before reaching the destination country. It should also be noted whether this transit visa only applies to the airport area ( Airport transit visa ) or to the entire country where you are transiting ( Transit Visa ). If only the airport area, it means you may not leave the airport even if only for a short time. Also not allowed to stay outside the airport when you have to wait for the next flight. The validity period of a transit visa is usually only a few hours, before boarding the next flight.

Conversely, if Transit Visa means that you can leave the airport and travel in the country like touris. Usually the visa validity period is a maximum of 5 days.

Netherlands Visa Study Lottery / Study permits

This type of visa is very clear in its use, namely for study permits at schools / universities or other colleges in the destination country. This type of Holland Visa Lottery tends to be easily available. Of course if you have fulfilled the requirements for study / as a student at the intended agency. Usually Visa is valid during your study period. Included also applies to periods during school holidays.

Netherlands Student Exchange Visa Lottery / Exchange permits

For those of you who take part in a student exchange program between schools or campus visas are needed. the visa is valid usually only a few months during the program. The production tends to be easy, because it is usually assisted by the installation related to this exchange program.

Netherlands Visa On Arrival

Other than the visa made long before the trip, Visa On Arrival can be made at that time when you enter the territory of a country. Whether it’s through the airport, sea port or walking into the country’s borders. This visa can be obtained if both countries have good relations, or there is cooperation so that the visa making process is made easier. List of countries with Visa On Arrival can be seen here.

Holland Diplomatic Visa Lottery

As the name implies this visa is intended for diplomats. Both people who work for a period of time in a representative agency of the country. Or only a temporary diplomatic visit visa. For example, during official visits or work visits. The manufacturing process is said to be easy because there are special lines between countries.

Netherlands Exit Visa

The holder of this visa must leave his own country, or it could be someone else’s country. Usually the purpose is written. And he can only go to the destination country mentioned on the visa. This type of visa is made for a foreign national who has to leave a country because for example he has been detained / imprisoned. Or citizens who want to leave the country themselves towards a new country. Usually the exit visa is accompanied by a ban on re-entry into the country where the visa is issued. Don’t get this one, horrified!

Netherlands International Employee Special Visa / Corporate permits

If you have to work for an international body, this type of Holland Visa Lottery must be obtained. Or it could be because you are very worthy of being a champion so that it is placed by an international company as a representative in that country. Cool!

Netherlands Special Visa for Business / Business Permits

What’s the difference with a business visa above? If this type of visa means you will stay for a long time in the destination country because it is not a temporary visit. For example, you want to build a large company in the destination country. Of course you need careful and long preparation, therefore the local government will make a business-specific visa so that you are free to do business preparation and development. In some cases, this type of visa will continue to be a temporary residence permit which can continue to be a permanent permit. If your business is safe smoothly, of course!

How to Apply For a Holland Visa Lottery

how to apply holland visa

Applicants must be present on the day of submission of the application.

Applicants who will apply for a Holland Visa Lottery are asked to read carefully the information on this site. The instructions on this site aim to help you prepare documents as accurately as possible. This is to avoid your application being incomplete or extending your application processing time.

Fill in the complete application form. You can download the application form on this site. Make sure you complete all the documents; you can download the checklist from this site (on the “required documents” page on each type of visa). Submitting an incomplete application can cause your visa application to be rejected or extend the application processing time.

Make sure you read the safety regulation instructions before you visit the visa application center.

The VFS Officer will notify the total payment (Visa Fee + Service Fee) and additional fees.

To note: Applicants are required to pay logistics costs online when making an appointment; Expected appointments can only be confirmed if we have received payment. If you do not arrive at your appointment, refunds can only be made for certain circumstances.

Terms of Making a Holland Visa Lottery

The conditions that you must meet when making a Netherlands Visa are:

  • Passport with a validity period of more than 6 months from the date of issuance of the passport.
  • Passport size photo 3.5 X 4.5 as many as 2 sheets with a white background. The composition of the face should be 70% – 80% with good quality and clear foro.
  • If you are an official or director, you must attach a TIN and SIUP
  • If you are an entrepreneur, you must attach a business establishment permit as well as a TIN and SIUP
  • Financial evidence for the last 3 months
  • Cover letter from the company / place where you work.
  • Print out flight ticket reservations
  • Print out hotel reservations while in the Netherlands
  • If you leave with your wife, then you must attach a copy of the marriage certificate / marriage certificate and a copy of the family card.
  • If you leave with a child who is still in school, you must attach a copy of the student card, school certificate and copy of the birth certificate.
  • If you use sponsorship funds for your trip, then you must attach a letter from an English-language sponsor with the sponsor’s corporate header.
  • Long travel insurance in the Netherlands
  • Plan a trip while in the Netherlands

After Submission of Holland Visa Lottery Form

After you submit your Holland Visa Lottery application wait for your application to be processed you can track the status of your application

You need to enter your reference number and your last name.

Please note that if you use the SMS service (optional), you will receive an automatic confirmation notification message on your mobile and will receive an email at each stage of the visa application life cycle.

Collect your passport from the Visa Application Center with a valid receipt and valid number.

If a representative will pick up a passport on your behalf, please do the following:

  1. Official receipt
  2. Your valid copy ID
  3. An authorization letter signed with full details
  4. A legitimate original ID from a representative

If you want to provide input, please visit Customer Service .

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