How Do You Find a Job While You Are Still Working?

For various reasons, you might want to resign from your current job and find a new job . This is not prohibited, really. It’s just that you need to do it right and ethically. However, at this time you are still an employee at the company and not necessarily accepted in a new workplace.

Well, for that, consider the following important things:

Save That Intention Before Certainty Is Received

Because they were not comfortable working in an old company, some workers clearly talked about their intention to resign . In fact, there is no certainty received at other workplaces. It’s possible, you just talked about it with your closest friends, but this news can spread quickly, including to superiors.

Besides being unethical, this will worsen your image in the eyes of your boss. Especially if then the application is not accepted so you have to keep working in the old place. Well, to maintain such possibilities, you should keep the intention to resign until you get confirmation that the application is accepted.

Don’t Blame Old Companies

One of the bad traits of employees who want to leave the old company immediately is that they cannot bear to tell others about the ugliness of the company. Starting from unequal salaries to inhumane working hours. This bad habit is actually not useful and actually makes you not look professional.

Well, when looking for work or in the job interview stage, you should answer the question about the reason for resigning diplomatically. For example, want to find new challenges and atmosphere that better supports your productivity. On the one hand, this answer is not a lie, on the other hand it seems smoother and wiser.

Flexible Setting the Interview Schedule

The challenge that must be faced by applicants who are still working is to arrange a job interview schedule. Usually, interviews are held during working hours so it is impossible to be present in two places at the same time. Although difficult, you certainly have to choose one of them.

Well, the thing that can be done is to explore the possibility of whether the interview schedule can be arranged when you are not involved in important work in the old company. No need to be afraid to convey these reasons honestly because this is a sign of your responsibility and professionalism. On the contrary, to an old company, take leave on personal grounds.

Don’t Use Office Facilities

No matter how simple it is, you should not use office facilities to support the interview process. For example, using a vehicle provided by an office that is actually intended to complete work in the old place. Even though no one knows, this can make you uneasy and focused during the interview process.

Understand Ethics in the New Office

Habits in each office vary. Of course, you cannot carry out the habit in the old office and apply it in the new office. For example, in terms of dress. For the interview process, keep wearing polite and official clothes. Furthermore, when it is received, you can adjust to the rules in the new company. This also applies to various other habits, such as working hours and how to interact.

Now, there are some things that need to be considered when looking for a job while still being an employee. You can also visit Nigeria Recruitment Form to find out other information about the world of work.

Updated: September 24, 2018 — 11:49 am

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