If You Are A New Employee, Avoid These 5 Important Points

If you are accepted as a new employee in a company, there are important things that must be known. Because this is related to the future of your career in your current company.

Maybe it doesn’t matter if your new coworkers are fun, it doesn’t bother and it’s not easy to get around. But it’s different if we get co-workers who are otherwise. Easy to baper, like to complain with your boss,to coworkers whose work likes “right elbow right elbow, step down under the upper kick”. No matter how good we are with him, but because of his “double-faced” nature, usually many employees are not at home, and ultimately are resigned.

Moreover, our nature does not reflect a person who has noble character and reflects professional employees. I guarantee, your career in the company will not last long

The following are things that should be avoided by a new employee

1. Never be “SOK KNOW”

New employees will usually be given training, one of which is by following seniors while working.

When seniors are giving directions and explanations about what work to do, you should never cut their explanations with words that lead to your self-knowledge.

Honestly, I don’t like employees like this the most, especially the employees are new employees.


Because with your courageous attitude, they feel as if you are the most stupid and less intelligent with you as a new employee. Especially if an attitude like this is done when there is a boss or boss while monitoring the work. Of course things like this can be considered by superiors in assessing our performance as subordinates.

2. Don’t feel the most right yourself

This point actually still has something to do with the number one point above. But the attitude that must be avoided as at this point, is already in the outrageous category. Already being self-conscious, feeling the most smart yourself again. Be normal, relaxed but professional. A pretentious attitude and as if you are a highly intellectual person, might look positive in the eyes of the boss, but not with the views of your seniors.

3. You are familiar and friendly

The third point is actually not a problem if it is done on a teammate. The problem is when we only know them, and don’t know more about their daily lives. It’s possible for our seniors to have a down mood, a chaotic mind, etc. If we are ridiculous like this to them, instead of giving a positive impression on you, they feel ilfeel and are reluctant to work with you.

4. Stingy smile and lack of manners

No matter how many personal problems that are happening to you or your mood is no longer good, never bring personal problems with work problems.

Keep giving a smile and act as if there are no problems that are happening to you. Impress your seniors and colleagues, that you are a pleasant and exciting work partner.

5. Lazy learning and a lot of prestige

Point 5 is usually experienced by companies that work in the field of public relations or deal directly with consumers.

When seniors are giving directions, don’t forget to listen as closely as possible, if you can take notes to note the important points that are being explained by seniors. Don’t be proud and never be ashamed when your seniors give direction in front of many people. With this attitude, your seniors will feel respected by you, and they will give a positive impression for you.

Updated: August 29, 2018 — 2:24 pm

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