Important, Do These 8 Things Every Day To Make You Smarter!

Who, anyway, who do not want to be more intelligent ? The problem is, we don’t have the time and energy to continue education or take courses. Actually, to improve intelligence, not to attempt too much, anyway . Just apply these 8 things every day.

1. Reading

This is the most basic way to make the brain move, while increasing the capacity of the brain. Reading will introduce you to new vocabulary and get used to seeing the use of sentence structures that are good and true. Whatever you read, whether novels, poems or biographies, your intelligence will increase.

2. Sports

Various studies have consistently found that people who exercise regularly have higher IQ scores than those who never exercise. In addition, regular exercise also triggers brain cell growth and increases concentration.

3. Writing

Writing helps you to maintain focus, helps the brain store information effectively, and maintains brain memory. Research shows that students who take notes by hand consistently get high grades.

4. Use manual method

Thanks to sophisticated technology, we tend to be lazy to think. For a short and simple calculation, we open the calculator application on the mobile. Or, to find a location, we rely on GPS. Forget technology occasionally, train your brain to work, so you get smarter .

5. Play a musical instrument

Playing any musical instrument will bring benefits to the brain, including exercising hand and eye coordination, and sharpening memory, concentration and numeracy skills. When playing a musical instrument while calculating the rhythm, a number of parts of the brain work together to create music.

6. Follow the news

You can choose, read physical newspapers or browse news in online media . The impact is the same for your brain. Set aside 30 minutes per day to follow the news. Digesting new information is a healthy habit for the brain, because the brain is trained to continue to work actively.

7. Test new things

The choice is truly unlimited. Whether listening to new music genres, tasting new foods, trying new routes to get to the office, or traveling to a new place. Something new forces the brain to overcome unexpected new challenges.

8. Drinking ‘magic’ drinks

A number of drinks have been shown to improve brain function, including matcha green tea , hot chocolate from raw chocolate, and ginkgo biloba. Some researchers claim that ginkgo biloba helps pump more blood to the brain, so that the brain works more optimally and you are even smarter .

Updated: October 13, 2018 — 12:24 pm

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