5 Easy Steps to Keep Your Career Increasing. Want to ‘Success the World-Hereafter?

Surely you have felt very comfortable with your work right now, right? But there are always others who are better at distinguishing skills, knowledge and experience so that they are superior to you.

The question now is, how do you become the best, even though your competitors are superior in terms of survival in a job? Well, these 5 strategies help you become a successful worker in maintaining a career? Come on, look!

1. Falling in love with your work is falling, so that fortune and luck come by itself

Besides falling in love with someone, falling in love with the job is as important, you know. Why? Because by loving work, besides you can work effectively, your career will also develop.

Even falling in love with a job is far more likely to achieve success. No wonder we find someone who is skilled at work but does not love what they do now. If you love writing; be a writer , if you love the smell of photos; Become a photographer, so that your career will progress. If you get a reward for a job you love, consider it a bonus.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s start loving your job now!

2. Don’t mind and expand the network while still young and have plenty of free time

Don’t just be a seaman on the coast.

Skip to another boat and sail to the horizon.

Don’t stop here the point is you have to jump from your job now. Try to imagine if you worked for years at the same job and just kept quiet. Surely you feel bored and need a new challenge.

By not stopping at the same job and moving to a new job, you can get new experiences, skills and knowledge that will be useful someday.

In addition, expanding the network is no less important. Because by expanding the network and building networks, we will be better. Even you will find it easier to get the job you want, because you already have lots of acquaintances in the profession. By expanding the network, you will easily get the right advice with people who are experienced in their fields.

Connection list is one important asset!

3. Don’t disappoint other people and be a person who can be relied on in any situation

Every human being, what he holds is his talk.

How do you feel if you are disappointed? Ill, right? Especially if you are a lover.

Similarly, your customers and superiors will also be disappointed if you don’t do what you say. It’s like you’re just talking or lips services . That way you can be labeled as an unreliable person and cause others to suffer losses.

There are various ways that you can be a reliable person and not disappoint others, including: always present when needed, come to the office on time, always send and produce things on schedule, make commitments and comply, and always provide documentation if needed. Very simple , really!

4. Nothing can beat the ‘magic’ of working hard. Your future is determined here!

Hard work to be better, not for the other person, but better than we did yesterday

Most people must think that hard work is tiring and a lot of effort. So they choose to work according to working hours and rules. From now on eliminate such assumptions, because hard work here does not mean letting your energy be exploited, but exerting efforts to achieve results targeted by the company.

Hard work can also help you advance your career when you can show more contributions than others, when competing for a promotion. Working hard also reflects that you are trying hard to survive in a job. Let’s start now we work hard because the reality that works hardest will be far more prosperous.

5. Not looking for attention, but looking as good as possible in front of your boss

If you are not seen in your organization, then you will be left in the dark.

When there is an employee event, surely a board of directors does not know all of its many employees. Well, here is the time for you to make yourself visible to your boss by asking him to chat and making sure that they remember your name and your division.

In addition to this method, visibility is also seen when working meetings and you ask a question or give a helpful opinion. The important thing is that you are heard and seen.

By being visible, your name will be marked and remember the first time when the boss needs help from subordinates. If you are rarely seen, it is unlikely that you will be taken into account. You should also not be an employee who is afraid of your boss for fear of being wrong if you say something. From now on, make yourself visible to your boss!

During the try and greetings of success

Updated: August 22, 2018 — 3:25 pm

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