Most Needed Profession in Nigeria 2018/2019

Most Needed Profession in 2018/2019 – When times change, many other things change, including available job opportunities. Due to technological sophistication, there are now several jobs that no longer rely on human labor. However, due to technology, new job opportunities have sprung up.

In 2018, changes in the digital field are increasingly evident. Large companies are starting to expand and explore new possibilities in the online world . Not surprisingly, the profession related to digital technology is increasingly sought after. Well, here are the other most needed professions in 2017.

1. Data analyst

In this technological era, a data analyst is needed. According to a survey entitled The Future of Jobs conducted by the World Economic Forum (2016), data analysts are the most needed and sought after profession today. Their job is to process raw data from the internet and then analyze it so that it becomes information that has structure and is easy to digest.

The results of this analysis will be used by the company as consideration for making the best decision. So, the role is quite vital, isn’t it? Job opportunities as data analysts will continue to be wide open even up to 2022. Meanwhile, the salary of a data analyst is in the range of 4 million rupiah to 9 million rupiah per month.

2. Digital Marketing

The development of the digital world encourages large companies to implement various strategies to achieve online sales , no longer relying only on conventional methods. This is where the role of digital marketing is needed.

In general, the role of a person who serves a digital marketing position is to develop a brand of products by utilizing digital media.

What are the digital marketing job descriptions? Among them are creating a marketing plan , creating website content for soft selling or brand awareness , and promoting social media.

3. Product Designers

The task of a product designer is to create a detail on a particular object in order to have a function that is appropriate for the needs of the user. For example, the bottle cap is always rotated to the right so that it can be opened. This relates to human habits in doing things. So, product designers make objects more functional and practical to use.

To become a product designer, one can take formal education at university by majoring in Product Design. However, in addition to education it also requires creativity, openness of mind, and sensitivity to things that are detailed.

Companies that usually recruit for this profession are furniture, automotive, fashion, ceramic, and so on. A beginner product designer has a standard salary of around 2.5 million rupiah to 3.5 million rupiah per month.

4. Advertising Copywriter

Large companies definitely need an advertising copywriter for their product needs. The job of an advertising copywriter is to look for advertising ideas that are in line with the product or service that the company produces and make it happen with an art director . The advertisements in question can be published in print and electronic media.

5. Public Relations

The company’s need for public relations or public relations services is arguably never receding. Naturally, the task of a PR is indeed very important for the company. One of them is giving the best advice to management regarding relations and communication with the public.

Another task is to do research on public behavior, to be an intermediary between the media and the company, and to do publicity in the mass media. The goal is to build the company’s good name. This profession is estimated to still shine until 2020.

6. Web Developers

Other professions that are also needed in 2017 are web developers . Simply put, the task of a web developer is to create an application based on a website. From the touch of his hand, website visitors can enjoy dynamic pages, can interact comfortably, and so on.

For that, he must master web programming languages, such as HTML, CSS, SQL, and Javascript. In addition, a web developer also needs to know web development methods, process images, know the latest technological developments, and related things.

These six professions are needed by a large company to be able to advance and develop. Do you want to apply for one of them? Consider also some other information about the profession and the world of work in Nigeria.

Updated: September 22, 2018 — 11:00 am

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