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NCS FAQ 2019 – Nigeria Custom Service FAQ

Current Status: At present, Nigeria Custom Recruitment Form out. Total 3200 vacancies open this year. For more details visit the following link:

Important LinkNigeria Custom Service Recruitment 2019 – 3200 Vacancies (Apply Now)

Nigeria Custom Service FAQ 2019

☞ I can’t move to other sections of the application except Biodata.
The Biodata section is required to be filled in first before other sections can be filled. Complete the Biodata section filling in every required filled on the form and then click Save and Continue to advance to the next section.

☞ What browsers are best to apply with?

Any of the modern and up to date browsers (Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox) is appropriate for use.

☞ I lost my username or password, how can I get a new one?

Your username & password are contained in the NCS Application Confirmation mail that would have been sent to your email after verification. You can also click on Forgot Password on the login page of the portal to do a password reset.

☞ I have diverse qualifications and professional backgrounds. Can I apply for more than one job position?

Each applicant is required to submit one job application only. Submission of applications for two or more job positions from a single applicant will attract disqualification of all submitted applications.

☞ How do I apply to join NCS?

Please click on the ‘How to apply’ link at the top right corner of the application portal to view guidelines on how to apply.

☞ I can’t find a suitable job on your website, can I still apply?

You can only apply for a specific advertised job for which you are eligible.

If I submit an application or register my details, will NCS keep me on wait list and store my data for future career opportunities?

NCS does not wait-list applicants. Applicants’ details will be stored on a central database for the purpose of this recruitment exercise only. After the exercise, data of unsuccessful applicants will be discarded.

☞ Can I cancel my application after submission and reapply for another job position?

No. Once an application is submitted, it cannot be cancelled or withdrawn.

☞ I have just completed my Master’s Degree and, I expect to receive my certificate shortly after the application deadline. Can I mail hard copies of my credentials to NCS?

No. Applicants must have completed programmes and received certificates before the end of the application deadline. Required documents must therefore be uploaded on the application portal as no hard copies will be accepted.

☞ How long after applying can I expect to wait before receiving feedback?

Once you submit your online application, you will immediately receive a pop up as well as an email acknowledging successful submission. However, ONLY shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

☞ Where can I locate information related to grade levels, salaries and benefits to enable me take informed decisions as I seek an NCS career?

Information about grades levels, salaries and benefits will be communicated to successful candidates in the letter of offer of employment.

☞ Does NCS have test centres outside Nigeria?

You can apply from anywhere in the world but test centers are only within Nigeria.

☞ Will I be allowed to change my test date and/or preferred Test Centre?

Change of test dates and test centres may be considered in the event of verifiable emergencies

☞ I live in the diaspora. In the event that I am hired, will I be refunded monies expended on travels for the NNCS aptitude test and interview?

No. NCS does not refund travel costs for applicants within and outside the country.

☞ If I Input a foreign address on my application and I am hired, will my offer letter be mailed to my foreign address?

No. Successful diaspora candidates will receive detailed email messages spelling out the terms of engagement. Where acceptable to them, they will be required to pick up their offer letters on resumption of duty.

☞ How can I check the status of my application?

You will be communicated at every point in the recruitment process.

The above are the Nigeria Custom Service (NCS) FAQ

If your questions have not been addressed here, please send us a message on [email protected] or 09012104041, 07051022561, 08185184237, 08104007019 to get help.

Updated: May 1, 2019 — 6:31 am


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  1. i cant select L.G.A and i believe its a internal problem, can you fix this please?

  2. I like to have a quick feedbacks about the closing date of this registration exercise please.

  3. This “operation failed” issue on o level page is still there…When will it be resolved?

  4. Why the message: “operation failed” appear whenever you input your O’level result?

    Please this issue should be corrected before closing date. Thanks

  5. Beside d site is fluctuating, i successfully uploaded d required credentials and d printout has been retrieved. I hereby pray 4 d enlistment.

  6. My NYSC certificate refuses to upload, keeps telling me “No files saved”

  7. the system is writing wait while we load your page for more than a week i have been trying it

  8. have completed my registration but i can not comfirm it, the reply is that i should enter my NYSC discharge number/execption certificate,
    pleace what is the solution?

  9. i could not sumbit because my nysc is saying pending

  10. The site is not opened opening why

  11. Hello..Pls I can’t save my O level details.Each time I try, all I see is Mssg like Operation failed.Please,kindly help

    1. Check the characters that make up the words you filled in there such as in the name of the school. If you have character like apostrophes (‘) e.G Gabriel’s or Boys’/Girls’, kindly remove it to avoid getting Operation failed as response. It worked for me.

      1. Awesome!!!! thank you very much! it worked kia-kia

  12. Please my application is almost done but my o’level is not saving is showing operation fail. And also I don’t have medical certificate please how can you assist me.

  13. I find it difficult uploading my NECO result, it used to show three tap of NECO result and each time I tried to upload my NECO result it will tell me that there is no file find to save. Please what should I do bcos that’s the only issue that is stopping from submitting my application for more than four days now.

  14. I am seriously having issues with my nysc upload, please what do I do.

  15. I get an error message wen trying to submit that I shud enter my NYSC/exemption certificate.I hv uploaded that already.want to knw if Dr is any solution

  16. I successfully submitted my application since yesterday,but the option to upload certificate of fitness, indigenship, declaration of age and primary school certificate didn’t come I was only able to to upload my o’level and additional professional certificate for Assistant Grade. What is my fate please?

  17. The LGA at the Bio data is not opening. why?

  18. I have issues with my registration. i have uploaded my ssce and degree certificate but could not see where to upload my nysc certificate, as a result of these could not submit my application. please help

  19. I am having issues with my registration. I have uploaded my documents only for my nysc discharge certificate to remove and I am being asked to upload cv

  20. yes

  21. I have been able to submit my application and documents.Thanks good luck.

  22. the local government is not popping up. when I click to pick my Local Government is not displaying anything and without this I can not move to the next stage. help please

  23. Iam worry about the portal is not running and also the form is not showing what wrong please then the time 2week’s is too small for interested applicants,
    Hope my comment to be considered.
    Thank you.

    1. Try to use late night or early morning. Huge traffic is the reason of server down

  24. I have been able to submit my application. The issue nw is I was unable to upload my documents. They only allow m to upload only o’level. Hope it wount render my application invalid???

  25. The site is not working at all since the first day of registration but we always try to do it

  26. what people saying it’s of course right deceiving, cheating and so on, and you have to be careful if your intend is intentionally, before you decide to open this portal you supposed to make sure that anything is okay if you’re doing it for the benefit of our country.

  27. Hello…..
    Am trying to apply for the position of Superintendent cadre, have filled all necessary boxes and am at the point of uploading documents but there’s no column provided for my nysc certificate, birth certificate and other valid documents, but that of my waec and degree certificate was provided, have tried severely but its not coming up…

  28. pls i am trying to upload my waec result but is showing up space to upload n my upload is not going through. there is a place where i can edit.and secondly my other documents i uploaded is not showing

  29. What is the level they need in national diploma

  30. I am being trying to complete form it keeps taking me back,now I can’t complete the form anymore because I am try to do it again by midnight, I was restricted from the site. I need help.

  31. I have created an account and the email verification has been sent to my mail, but trying to submit, its telling me my email needs to be verified. please what should i do next?

  32. I can’t save my o-level details. Each time I try, I receive messages like operation failed, error in processing, etc.
    Please I need help.

  33. I can’t save my o-level details. Each time I try, I get different messages such as operation failed, error in processing, etc.
    Please I need help.

    1. am having issues saving my o level each time I try always saying operation fail and that is the only thing remaining pls somebody should help what can I do

  34. the system is not working system error

  35. What will be the position of
    Person who have diploma in Shari’a and civil law

  36. I finally completed my registration but I can’t still confirm my registration.the reply was that kindly
    Enter the NYSC discharge number / Exception Certificate.
    Why is it so hard to obtain.Have been on it since the day it came out.They should pls help us to upgrade their system.

  37. Infact I have try all may best for this registration both day and night nothing since to work out. If Nigeria custom do not want the citizens of this country to be part of them they should close back the online registration. If may ask the registration form is it only bio data information to fill or the officers want to this way of opening the portal so that they will pick their love once, brothers wife sister etc

  38. Am still doing my NYSC can I apply for the post of superintendent because am not with my NYSC certificate yet.

  39. Please have being trying to complete my application to the summary stage but because the documents area is not coming up fully instead of the 4 requirements box only 1 is up…and was told by the site management that I have being temporarily banned and limited… What do I do cos am almost done with the application.. And it’s not my fault logging in several times….

  40. The site is not working at all and am very much interested in being a part of the NCS.

  41. Why is the site not working since 3days ago

  42. I have more than 5 forms here to register in but the site server is giving me headache both day and night “Error504” it will load and when you try to login to continue the registration it will logout out automatically. What is really going on?

  43. Nice on ncs God bless our organization

  44. NCS portal hasn’t been going, lots of people find it hard to register nor login to input other details required on their biodata.
    how can they ask people to register when the portal is frustrating people

  45. While I was applying for NCS when igot to where am going to select my institution.I discovered that my institution(osun state university)is not part of the institution option provided. I typed and i wanted to save andcontinue but the site says i have to select from the institution provided in the option. Please what should I do?

  46. I’m unable to complete my registration. Each time I login, it’s returning back to home or server error

  47. The registration site is too slow that it took me three days befor i move from bio data to passport photo.They should help us with their site by upgrading it for quick registration.


  48. Thanks

  49. I’m much excited with this post.

  50. The website is dull and thus,nobody has successfully applied since Wednesday that the recruitment started.
    The Nigeria Custom Service should upgrade the website to enable interested candidates to apply with ease. Thanks

  51. What are the requirements for HND ?

    1. Supretendant

  52. The platform can’t open it keeps showing Error 502

  53. Iam keen interested to work with this reputable firm.
    I am a HND holder in accounting.
    And I also have NYSc certificate.
    I hope my request will be giving due consideration.

  54. Y is the site finding it difficult to load nd when it opens the documents area will not show all the documents u need to upload

    1. Am having same challenge too

    2. Same thing has been happening to me. I was only able to upload my waec, degree and professional certificate the other document upload is not showing and I get to summary it shows me a promptto upload nysc discharge cert.

  55. The Nigeria custom service server is very poor and unfuntionable. To the extend that one can only filled biodata and the rest is a story. Once u try to move to the next stage of application, it will automatically log u out and u have to login again. They did this intentionally do that they will not get much applicant and by doing so, u will be frustrated and decide to halt your application processes.
    As of Friday night, they where able to get 10,000 applicants, but had did been the server is good, this number will reach a million plus.

    1. Same thing is happening to me

  56. If I have other result equivalent to o level eg national teacher’s grade 11with BscEd can I apply

    1. Yes You Can!

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