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  1. Pls when is the Npower 2019 portal properly open?

  2. am in need of it because I studied to work for my nation..as and electrical technical man

  3. Pls notify me when Npower starts…Thank you!!

  4. Keeping up to receive npower 2019 news updates is essential for all interested candidates and will help in getting more information from other NOP applicants.

    I want to thank nigeria recruitment form here because you always give correct and verified news.

    My advice to all my Nigerian brothers and sisters that if they are read this guide with full dedication, then you will know what is happening with the npower 2019 program at present.

  5. please when registration is don’t please I need your help

  6. notify me when the portal is open for applicants.

  7. Npower improve standard of living in our country that’s why I’m waiting for the recruits form for applying. It will enable youths to have something doing.

  8. I want join in nation building and to be selfreliance good nigeria,pls inform when the time come so i apply.tanx

  9. I am interested in the npower 2019 teach registration, so I can have a job relating to my field of study and impart life

  10. pls notify me wen registration begins for 2019 n power teach

  11. Thanks in favor of sharing such a nice thinking, post is good, thats why i have read it fully


  13. hey I also need it inform me when it opens

  14. Pls when will the start the npower registration 2019 on npowerbuild , am really interested in it

  15. I got the sms, reaching to complete the application find out that the site is closed and I’m worried. Pls notify me when next is open. Thanks

  16. Sir, i applied for N-teach but later shortlisted in N-Build so a link was sent to me that i should complete my application, so when i was i was trying to fill and make corrections were necessary, but i was not successful because the N-Build posted me in Zamfara, Gummi LGA and i am an Adamawa Indigiene. so please sir help me out how do i do??

  17. Am interested too,I have tried to register times without number but the response is always comib soon,pls keep me update once the portal is open for registration

  18. I am a(NCE)degree holder,pls notify me when the recruitment portal is open

  19. am very happy to register for the n-power, because it improve the standard of living in our country

  20. I am also interested in the Npower Build.

  21. Of course I want to register but it hasn’t been opened. We the youths who are supposed to be leaders of tomorrow can’t find jobs anywhere and no funds to push what we know how to do.

  22. I am very happy with this npower program that has been provided for all Nigerians.
    Am interested and I will like to partake in this program.
    Pls I will like to be notified when the recruitment is on…

  23. it will able me to have somethings doing a . pls notified me as so as possible thanks

  24. Pls notify me when the program starting


  26. I really commend the effort ofMr presidents who within his capacity put the of our generation in his own plan,,, more freezing to his elbow,,,
    Please I ll also like to join the theam kindly notify me when the portal is open, thanks


  28. YES!!!

  29. I have been receiving message for Npower 2019 that i should kindly complete my N-BUILD application via https//npowerbuild.ng/register/ but if i try to apply with the link it will not work.

  30. please when will npower start her recruitment

  31. Am interested in N power build Please notify me when the site is open or when registration / application starts. Thanks

  32. I am a graduate for six years without a job and have apply for N-power two times but was not successful. I seriousely need this live saving programme.

  33. Good day,
    please i also registered for the Npower 2019 but early this year 2019, i received a message stating that i have been shortlisted for that of N-BUILD program.. i was also told to complete my application. when i did that, i tried submitting several times but its show ERROR TRY AGAIN. please what do i do about it?
    and N- BUILD kept sending me the message. i need your help please. thanks.

  34. I am very interested in npower build because i am an unemployed nigerian and want to be employed to build my country.

  35. I am graduate. I registered for N-power tax programme, but I got N-build verification message. please what is my duty as a graduate and the salary specification please?

  36. I am graduate. I registered for N-power tax programme,but I got N-build verification message. please what is my duty as a graduate and the salary specification please.

  37. Notify me when the npower registration 2019 begin

  38. Please when the npower 2019 registration start?notify me I want apply.

  39. Notify me when Npower/ Nigerian recruitment is out. Txn u

  40. I have received message from you to complete my npowerbuild application,plz how do I complete it

  41. am happy oo, please you people should help me ooo

  42. good day sir,am happy to get this information.please notify me whenever the form is out.

  43. Npower is really a nice platform for not only we the unemployed, but it a great opportunity to showcase our God given skills and also find joy in what we love doing.

  44. This program has help a lot of people in community Some unemployed youth like me are doing well now so I’m motivated I want to be inline

  45. Me too I have received a message from n-builf to complete my registration but I have it difficult to change the state of origin appeared on my information. All the information are correct, but the state of origin appears (Akwa Ibom which is not my state). Please how can resolve this issue.

  46. please i got a sms that I should complete my application and the link send to me is not login

  47. please help i received the SMS that I should complete the my deail and now I can’t login to the link send to me

  48. the npower build site is open, but i cant see any option for register, apply or login,,
    can anyone help me on how to go about it.
    thank you

  49. Please I need a help from you people please,
    Some one Text me yesterday that I should follow a link to complete my registration, and all my details are already there,
    Please help me

  50. Hello, going afternoon all the Npower build 2019 satrt I try to login for the program but is not working, please i need a help

  51. I am very much interested in the programme, cos it will give me the opportunity to impact positively to my generation. Please notify me when the site is opened.

  52. Ekanenze Monday Ogar

    To me engaging the youth will help to reduce the level crime and poverty in our society.

  53. It is my responsibility to contribute my part to the development of the country. having a job will enable me to provide and make me responsible person both to my family and the country.

  54. Please let me know when the blower program starts because I want to be one of the beneficiaries. Thanks

  55. Honestly speaking, this Npower 2019 program is a very good one most especially for us who doesn’t have job yet. Please I’m very much interested, inform me whenever it get started.thank you

  56. Please inform me when npower will start I don’t have a job Yet Thank you

  57. pls, l’m interested in Npower program. I need it to help myself and my family. Could you pls inform me when the form is out. Thaks

  58. How happy will i be if this portal for Npower is open for me to fill my data and even get shortlisted this time around.

  59. good evening I appreciate u pple effort on npower program, pls do notify me when the form is really thanks.

  60. am really interested in this npower program, i need it to help myself as a Nigeria youth am tired of being jobless, pls inform me when the form starts. thank you

  61. am really interested in this npower building program,i need it to help myself and my family pls inform me when ever the filling of the form starts. thank you

  62. please let me know when the portal of Npower will be open the filling the form

  63. Pls I am interested in npower building program, pls inform me when ever the filling of the form starts

  64. I really need this program because is a helpful matter that can assist people to stand on their own and have business in their hand

    1. OkON AKEDO
      Am interested on the on going programme the n-power build please I will like to be notified

  65. I am a competent citizen of Nigeria and I’m still an active youth so there is no reason why I shouldn’t register with N power for my own personal advances and better opportunities for a better living than my current status.. Please let us be aware when the 2019 form is out, I’ll make sure I am part of it.. Thanks for the rebuilding of Nigerian youths

  66. I am eagerly waiting for the registration to start.kindly notify me.
    Thank you.

  67. Yes sir, I’m very much interested and eagerly waiting to be updated when the form is out pls.

  68. Pretty much interested…
    Notify me please…

  69. Yes, really interested and I’ll be glad if you able to notify me.

  70. I’m really interested in this Nigeria youth empowerment program and wished to be informed when the form is out

  71. I received ur message on N-power build requirement. please am interesting on d N-power build requirement. please reply me back for notification. thank u.

  72. Yeah i wanna register to allow me impart the knowledge i acquire to the youth of the nation and receive something from the government that i served.

  73. Please notify me when application start

  74. please am interested notify me when the start thanks you

  75. i am happy about this progam but what i am not so much happy about is the stipend, it is too small. i want the govt to increase it to, #30000 just like our collique in n teach, n health and n agric thanks

  76. I received a message that said, dear candidate, your application for N-Power Graduate program was unsuccessful. However, you have been shortlisted as an N-Build Trainee. Kindly indicate your interest in the program via one link sent to me on or before noon of 15th feb. 2019. Is this message real or sent from 419.

  77. I wish to say long live Gen.Muhammad Buhari may ALLAH protections continue to compound you and your entire family,It’s time that we nigerian stands on our legs to choice what is right for our young ones. Every body knows that when we look some years back many things happen in our country but ALLAH bring a person whose intention is to make our country united.

  78. I wish to be enrolled. Please kindly aid me. The program had been of great help to many Nigerian youths. God bless the Presidency, npower team, and Nigeria. Thank you.

  79. I like the programme,it has empower thousands of youth small,please enroll me in the next phase of the programme,long live Nigeria,long live our President and the Vice,long live our SSA on job creation,and the theme that ancored the first phase,consider us from Osun State as to that of Nothern State.thank you.

  80. i receive a message that n-build is online with a link pls is it true

  81. place notify me when the application Will state

  82. Notipy me when the form is out

  83. Good morning ma, I’m interested in the latest npower build news. Thanks mike.

  84. I am so much interested in the npower build,please notify me once registration starts. Thanks.

  85. Am not only delighted but also overwhelmly to appreciate the uncomparable work of N power organisation. They are really helping youths which help reduce the corruption we are having in Nigetia. This is a really nice job, am highly impressed Please I will like to know when the form will b out

  86. Yes am interested.please notify me when the registration is about to commence.

  87. Im interested in the program,please notify me if it is open.

  88. i am very much interested in the program, please notify me when it is open.thanks in bunch.

  89. I am interested in registering for the program.and I would appreciate the notification update. Thanks

  90. I am really interested in applying for the npower build program. I tried applying last year.i really do appreciate the update information. Thank you

  91. Please may I use this platform to appreciate Npower for you wonderful work to the youths, please I want to be notified when the form is out

  92. Good afternoon Sir/Ma. I really appreciate your efforts on Nigerian youth. Please I really want to be among the Lucky people who has been employed to npower and really want you to notify me when the form is out. Thanks. David

  93. to speak the fact npower help nigeria youths, with the programme some of my friends start business and now their are comfortable in life. Unfortunately since they start Allah did not give me but still Allah time is the best.

    long live president
    long live nigeria
    long live youths
    long live n power
    long live Abdulhameed

  94. I’m interested in npower program but I realized that the registration date line has been closed.what will I do know should I still apply for the program

  95. Sir pls help mi and notify me when the form is out please ,I really need this job,,,npower is my only hope,,,tnx

  96. Pls help me in this Npower bulid, and i am from Edo state Irrua Esen Laca govement Arae, sir/madam pls i real need help from you people, and I also enclose with my o level.

  97. sir please notify me if they have started

  98. although nigeria today is jobless, with this we nigeria youth will be able to atleast help ourself with something we can relly on, i will delited if this is open sa fast as possible

  99. I want to apply for npower build. When I visited Npower Registration Portal, message showing, “Coming Soon.” Even when the last year i visited portal, same message was showing.I want to ask what the meaning of coming Soon It is not finished for the last three months. Why our government is showing laziness to start registration. Today I visited your website and found quality and most trusted information. And you also providing email alert to all your readers. So I decided to subscribe your website blog. So please notify me immediately when npower registration form out and I am also interested in latest nigerian jobs so send me email alert.

  100. Hello, Sir i tried to visit npower.com.ng login page but site is not working I can’t login to the portal. I am interested in nbuild program and want to know complete details through official portal. So please help me to get access official website.

  101. I will be glad to be part of n-power program, it make the countryside to develop. and make the youth not to associate in society, occult, and hire killer. please notify me when the npower login form is out

  102. when will npower 2019 registration start

    Please notify me when npower build registration portal 2019 recruitment form out. I am waiting for this program from last year. Last time online registration was opened then it was closed immediately why this happened nobody knows . Let’s not talk about it, please send me email alert as soon as the form come out. I have subscribed to your website.

  103. pls notify me when the application will start

  104. Please notify me when the application will start

  105. i will be very delighted,if i receive the notification

  106. i really want this programme. Please notify me when the application is out

  107. pls if any jobs are available iam ready participate

  108. I am very happy with this program that has provided for nigerians to benefit, i really want to included among the beneficiaries of this program, and i always use listen on when its commence.

  109. please notify me when npower starts the registration


  111. I am interested in N-power teach. Please, notify me when the registration begins.
    I will wait in anticipation.

  112. I am an n-power build beneficiary and i know that goverment have made every national deploma holder to recieve 30000 naira every month,but since february 2018 till date, i have been recieving 10000 every month please someone should tell me why is like dat or rectify the problem for me

  113. When is the 2019 n- power registration kicking off…
    What’s the time schedules for each of the training and what I stand to benefit

  114. Sir, I am waiting for the Nigeria Build. A few days ago the form was opened and immediately closed. It should find out there was a conspiracy in it. All the unemployed Nigerians are waiting for registration form to open but no official date has been announced yet.

    I am existing reader of your site so notify me when application form link activated. Thanks in advance

  115. I hope to see my self participating in nation building therefore if npower will still have sympathy to release appointment for the youths am much interested the website should be notify to us please.

  116. Please tell me is it true that Npower going to start application process at npowerbuild.npvn.org. If yes then I am so much interested so immediately notify me when portal open. Currently it showing coming soon. I visited daily but now I subscribed your site so now its your responsibility to send me alert when registration start.
    Thanks in advance

  117. Hope this is real because I have been trying it to visit official portal and they said portal will open soon. Since 5/11/2018.but nothing is showing. Please tell me when the recruitment form will open. I am ready to apply for this massive employment scheme. Please also share application process, exam, selection, salary and other related information.

  118. There are lots of news in social media that registration going to start but official site still showing coming soon page. Since you are updating your website regularly I subscribed your site so please send me regular alert. I am waiting so notify me Nbuild registration immediately after starting application process.

  119. I have been trying to register for the npower build 2019 but all I get is coming soon.when will the site be open for proper registration.please keep me posted.

  120. I am interested in npower build latest news. I completing all the requirements. Please tell me what is the salary for employee. The official portal showing application coming soon page. So please notify me when registration will open online. Thanks in advance.

  121. can’t register for the npower build, all it’s giving is that coming soon……

  122. I can’t register for the npower build, all it’s giving is that coming soon……

  123. Yes,sir age discreminant can’t make a progress to the nation/unemployment young nigerian,and you continued to repeating the date of ope recruitment nbuild form npower portal,and 5th it’s getting closed to final date.

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