NYSC Registration Guide for Married Women & Document Requirements

NYSC Registration & Married Women & Document Requirements List

Today’s post is for all married women who are interested for NYSC in any batches i.e. NYSC Batch A, NYSC Batch B or NYSC Batch C. This article will show you all the document requirements for registration / mobilization for married women.

You will know that Married Woman gets many benefits from the National Service Youth Corps.  The most important advantage is that married women can serve in the same state where her Husband (Family) lives. If you also want to use all these benefits and take advantage, then you have to follow the rules set by the corporation.

There are several Married Women who have been facing problems regarding deployment and Marriage confirmation status.  If you are one of them, then read the information given below carefully. You can get a lot of help from this.

If you have a deployment and marital status confirmation problem then it is happening because you have made some mistakes during online registration. The most common mistakes are; incomplete document, misplacing document, unclear scanned document and etc.

The benefits of residing with husband/family are only for a married woman and for this marriage must be legal according to the Nigerian law and it can be easily proven through marriage certificate.

The federal government has recorded biometrics of all citizens, so no one else can delegate with their thumbprint. Your fingers will be matched through biometric capturing machine at Orientation Camps. If your biometrics is not verified then your registration will not be done at orientation camp.

List of Documents Required for Successful NYSC Registration (Married Women Corp Members)

nysc-registration married women

There is some necessary document which is mandatory to upload and registration will not be successful if it does not happen. Therefore, the following documents have to be clearly scanned and uploaded to the right place.

  1. Marriage Certificate
  2. Change of Name Proof (newspaper)
  3. Husband’s place of residence
  4. Identity Proof of Husband (NIC / Driving License etc.)
  5. Utility Bill

If you want to register successfully, then you have to upload all the documents mentioned above. These documents required to upload for all NYSC batches i.e. NYSC Batch A, NYSC Batch B and NYSC Batch C.

Married Women who are pregnant are not eligible candidates to register in this orientation camp. Nursing mother will also not get registration at camp. The candidates of this category will have to go back home.

More Information

Apart from this there is some additional information that you need to know.

If fake or fabricated documents are uploaded and produced then in this case candidate will be demobilized and decamped.

There are also some guidelines for uploading passport photo which are to follow by all the Married Women candidates. More information about this is given below.

  • Candidate’s face should clearly show in passport photography without bending
  • The picture of the married women candidate should be frame and centralized
  • Background should be white or off white without shadow
  • Please note that the portal will be closed on the closing date and no new registration will be done after this.

Link for registration: https://portal.nysc.org.ng/nysc1/

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